“Hey guys, where did the moon go?”

  • When:10/8/14
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Hops, Young Love, Hair Ball, Margo, Mermaid, Lobsta Roll, Abacus, Simba, Cane, Brutus, Whiplash, Boutique, Ickey Shuffle, Bugeater, Red Rocks, Scabby, FNG-Nature Boy (Tyler Hays), and Bushwood (QIC

“Hey guys, where did the moon go?”

19 Dudes showed up to not watch the eclipse. After a brief disclaimer, we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey around the ridiculously large parking lot of Calvary. Settle near the far entry off Rea for the COT.

-20 of each: SSH, IW’s, and Mountain Climbers

Double time out of parking lot, cross Rea, and down to the Trader Joes parking lot for a little circuit work.

-Station 1 at shopping center entrance off Rea: 25 Derkins and 25 Squats

-Station 2 next to UPS store on far side of shopping center: 10 Burpees and 30 LBC’s

-Station 3 at the intersection of Rea and Bevington Pl (on the benches and guardrail).: 25 Jump Ups and 25 Dips

Repeat 4 times

Mary in parking lot while waiting for six: 20ish of each – flutters, dollys, russian twist, freddy mercury, and maybe one other.

Run back up to entrance 4 off Rea Rd.

-Partner up

-Partner 1 AYG up to top of entrance for 15 merkins, partner 2 does mountain climbers, flapjack

-Partner 1 AYG to top of entrance for 20 plank jacks (plank jacks??? Yes.), partner 2 does LBCs, flapjack

-One last AYG to top

Mosey back to launch and knock out 20 flutters to finish up


Thank you Young Love for the Q and for Hannibal, who is traveling today #youwerewithusinspirit. Decided to go off campus for most of today. Scouted the Trader Joes shopping center at 5:10am this morning and deemed it to be a worthwhile trip.  On paper, it didn’t seem that bad, but it was harder than I thought.

Did everyone have to be at work at 6am? Cars were everywhere on Rea and Bevington Pl. this morning, which made crossing the street super fun and safe, #disclaimer. Cars were even interrupting our AYG’s at the end, #norespect. I didn’t anticipate playing frogger this morning, but glad no one got hit. I told Young Love we need some signs that say “watch for F3 crossing” just like the watch for children signs. Or maybe just employ a crossing guard from 5:30am to 6:15am. Or maybe a cop. Or maybe YL can park his car on Rea and just block traffic.

I have no idea where plank jacks came from. Wasn’t planning on calling that exercise but my mind went blank and it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Lobsta Roll owned the circuit. Simba is getting faster by the day! Grateful to YL for watching the six.

Welcome FNG – Nature Boy! Hope to see again soon in the gloom! It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

Mumble chatter was virtually nonexistent. I guess that means it was a good workout.

In total, we hit 2.5 miles with 100 derkins, 100 squats, 40 burpees, 120 LBC’s, 100 jump ups, 100 dips, and a lot of mary.


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9 years ago

I was hurting, but don’t tell Bushwood #hate lest it go to his head. No doubt Lobster Roll was flying. Need you on a MudRun team brother. YL, Bushwood among others were getting after it as well.
Loved Mermaid asking (politely, of course) for demonstration on the plank jacks….nice ploy to effectively get a 10-count Mermaid.
Whiplash smoked me on the final AYG hill run admitting he had been holding back on the workout. Not holding back, rather, just lots of O2 employed in other ways!
Solid beatdown Bushwood.

9 years ago

Bushwood, the workout was strong, the frogger was interesting. Hops was flying up the hills. Nature boy rocked it this morning. Glad I am not as slow as I used to be. The only thing missing? Silent Straddle Hops.

Reply to  Bushwood
9 years ago

Love how Steinbrenner is still showing up in backblasts, three days later!

9 years ago

That set hurt. Nice work Bushwood. The demo for plank Jack was for Nature Boys benefit. The break helped though. Strong work out there today. LR definitely needs to join a Mud Run team.

9 years ago

Thanks again for pinch hitting, BW. Looks like an awesome workout and really sorry to have missed. OK, after reading it, only sorta sorry. Looks like some pain was doled out. +1

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