45-minute COP

  • When:10/07/2014
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: Sussudio (WD), Tackling Dummy, Hacksaw, 49er, Drop Thrill, Heartbreaker, Strawberry, High Tide, Madison, Puddin Pop, Cottonmouth, Bulldog, Bananas, Harley, Fletch, Busch, Good Hands, Stone Cold, Alf, Brush Back, Young Love, Simba, Brown, Header, Sanka

45-minute COP

25 men resisted the siren song of the fartsack and joined YHC for a little F3-style “stand and pound.”

Here’s the thang:
Seal jacks – 25 IC
IW – 25 IC
Slow Merkins – 25 IC
Squats – 25 IC

Called exercise – Civilian Count.  Called active recovery (aka “chaser”) betwen each set – 10 OYO

One-hand shoulder press: 15/10/5 per side;  dead bug
Romanian Deadlift: 15/10/5 per side; Merkins
Front raisers: 15/10/5; Freddie Mercury
Good morning: 15/10/5; LBC
Upright row: 20/15/10; high-knee jump
Tea bag squat: 20/15/10; CDD
Lawn mower: per side 15/10/5; burpies
2-handed swing OYO: 20/15/10; Peter Parker
Triceps extension: 20/15/10; squats
Horn curl 25/20/15; Merkins

Dolly press – 20 IC
Mason twist – 15 IC
Slow flutter press – 15 IC
Merkin wave – 2X
1 minute Burpies AYG



May need to consult the record, but I think this was YHC’s VQ at Skunkworks. If not, it’s been too long to remember, so I wanted to be sure to deliver something memorable. Based on the fact that during Mary, I only heard a few PAX counting, I think I succeeded.
Being a drummer, I probably hear rhythm more than I should, so couldn’t help but notice the very audible seal-jack “clap” was on count for most of the PAX.    But not all.           #stilllaughing
Tclaps to Sussudio for both calling out and executing the correct “down” position of the Merkin wave: 6-inches, not 0. #WD_respect
I’d been warned that old-school curls would be refusniked by that bad ol puddy tat. Even though he didn’t post, it was amusing to hear some mumblechatter when YHC called it.
Tclaps to Header or Sanka – too dark and too little O2 to remember clearly – for amping up the “recovery” squats with goblet squats. I’m sure others were doing the same (Stone Cold – KB merkins?).  Way to push yourself, gentlemen.
Excellent take out, Cottonmouth.

It’s an honor to have the chance to lead this group of men.



  • Two new Area51 workouts launch Friday: Overdrive @ SunValley Middle, and Brave @ Ballantyne. More info: http://bit.ly/A51Workouts. Let’s help make these expansions successful: forego the comfort of your normal Friday routine and post to one or both of these.
  • 3rd F: Aftermath tomorrow @ 0630 starting new series “Moral Excellence”
  • Didn’t get your KB fix today? Post to Meathead on Thursday @ Elizabeth Lane ELE.

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

It’s no fun running for the train when my legs don’t work anymore. I used to like you Swiss. LOL

Yeah I made a comment late into the workout that it had gotten awfully quiet.

Even the king of mumblechatter Bulldog was quiet.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold
9 years ago

All be warned: Header carries a pet lizard in his shoe! (weird)
Nice Q, Swiss Miss. I know Brown and others like the 0.0, lift heavy things and get all swolled up!
Bulldog doing seal jacks looks like a 5 yr old getting ice cream. #soexcited Or an 80s breakdance move?

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