Rock Monster

  • When:10/03/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Sussudio (respect), Simba, Orange Whip, Swiss Miss, Cotton Tail, Go Daddy, Kiper (FNG Kevlar -- F3Raleigh), Hairband, Turnpike, Hacker, Sanka, Tackling Dummy, Madison, Byron, Ichabod, Beaver (Respect), Harley, Young Love (Q)

Rock Monster


18 guys too busy to take off a Saturday to run in the mud made the smart decision to join YHC for our weekly Kevlar beatdown. Here is what happened after I uttered those familiar words, “follow me:”

Run around the parking lot 2 times to loosen up the muscles and get the blood flowing, gathering in the track infield for COP.


  • SSH x30
  • IW x20
  • Squats x20
  • Merkins x20
  • Peter Parker x20


Run to rock pile, grab a rock and a partner and meet up at the entrance to the loop-around-the-church for Catch Me If You Can (partner 1 runs with both rocks, Partner 2 does 10 merkins and chases, flapjack when caught).

  • CMIYC to first church entrance. Circle up for Flutters with Rock Press
  • CMIYC to second church entrance. Circle up for LBCs
  • CMIYC to third church entrance. Circle up for Freddie Mercurys (Mercuries?) with head pointed downhill.
  • CMIYC to lot at bottom of stairs. Circle up for planking until the six is in.

Hill Rock Sprint circuits

Partners each grab a parking spot (needed proper spacing) and look towards hill. Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 performs called run up hill. Flapjack and Repeato until called number of exercise reps are complete. Plank until all complete the set).

  • 100 curls / sprint hill, touch road, run back
  • 100 overhead presses / sprint hill, 5 merkins, run back
  • 100 good mornings (modified to 50 to preserve form) / bear crawl hill, 10 merkins, run back
  • Pause to catch breath with 10 burpees OYO
  • 100 squats / backwards bear crawl hill, 10 merkins, run back
  • 100 squat-press / backwards run hill, 10 merkins, run back

Return rocks to pile, return bodies to parking lot, fall down.



  • So, Bulldog tapped me last week to lead today’s workout. We had a thrilling conversation. B “you doing the mudrun?” YL: “no.” B: “can you lead Kevlar next week.” YL: “sure.” I bring this up only to point out that, yes, we are men of few words. Also, beware when Bulldog comes tapping. You may find yourself saying “follow me” within a week (not necessarily a bad thing).
  • Halfway through the workout I was getting really tired of my rock. Then, the image of a rock monster popped in my head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the beast pictured above. Rather, it was the little creatures (and the accompanying song, of course) that stuck:
  • If that song is now stuck in your head — you’re welcome.
  • We might have done more exercises on the Hill Rock Sprint circuits, but I honestly can’t remember. Everything after my call for the backwards bear crawl up the hill is kind of fuzzy. Seriously, that might be one of the most CSAUP exercises we do. My shoulders are sore in all sorts of weird ways after that one.
  • Welcome Kiper from Raleigh. Hope you enjoyed the workout and fellowship this morning – we’re glad you could join us.

Best of luck, mud run dudes. When our wives ask us why we are drinking beer at 10 am and napping at 1, we’ll tell them it’s all in support of you guys. Seriously though, hope y’all have a blast, don’t get hurt and kick that course in the, umm, stones (see what I did there?).


  • Hairband has decided he’s too cool for Kevlar so he’s going to start his own Friday morning site in Union County. (J/k HB, best of luck – we will miss you.) Check the F3Nation website and twitter (@F3Area51) for details. I think it’ll be at the same site as Outland (Sun Valley High), but I’ll let Hairband confirm in the comments.
  • Related point, if you’re not on twitter, you should consider joining. Massive time suck aside, it is a great way to keep the 2ndF banter flowing outside of the workouts. And it is also the primary way pre-workout KB’ing, pre-workout runs and other such announcements are broadcast.
  • Too late for today, but consider joining us at the 3rdF workouts meeting on Fridays. Closest one to Kevlar is Compass, which meets at the Arboretum Chick-fil-a. Currently considering Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God. Come for the fellowship and chicken minis.
  • Convergence workouts tomorrow. Area 51 and Outland meet as usual, Stonehenge meets at Calvary at 6 am, all other South Charlotte workouts converging with #F3TheRock at Calvary at 7 am.

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9 years ago

Backwards bear crawl-total CSAUP. Good lead this morning.
BTW-this is Kiper’s second visit from Raleigh.
Thanks YL.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

As spokesperson for Hair Band:

Overdrive will be at Sun Valley Middle, same place as Outland.

I think he wanted to call the workout Hair Band Nation, but someone stopped that.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Better late than never to the comments. 🙂

Hair Band Nation? Ha! My first thought was distortion but then figured overdrive works well as a meaning for guitar and how we push ourselves.

Kevlar has been one of my favorite AO’s since starting about a year ago so I will miss it but excited to help grow the UC area with the help of the southern dwelling PAX.

If anyone is interested follow @F3unionco on twitter or if you know anyone that lives out that way EH them and send the info to so we can get in touch!


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