Mud Anyone?

  • When:09/25/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Snowflake, Gummy, Bushwood, Hopper, Harley, Young Love, Starfish, Bugle Boy, Lex Luther, Commodore, Gecko, Queen, Plug, Waterseal, Floor-Slapper, Bug Eater, Iron Horse, Hops, Good Hands, Donkey Kong

Mud Anyone?

21 of Area 51s finest decided to enjoy the early fall temps and a nice helping of starfish stew in prep for next week’s mud run – the F3 Big game (since YHC can’t use the real name of that big game or the NFL will hunt YHC down and sue him)

Temps were great and the rain was mostly gone with only a slight mist making it perfect beat-down weather.

Disclaimer provided – no FNGs so it was quick and simple

Little baby jog around track

25 wide arm merkins

Little baby job around track wiht some high knees and butt kickers thrown in

25 wide arm merkins
warmed up enough

The Thang:

Starfish or maybe rename it the HYRDA at Hydra

Center Station – concession stand area – 10 jump-ups, 10 decline merkins, 10 dips

Station 1: Traverse monkey bars (this will come in handy next weekend) with 10 knees to elbows at the end. Arm walk on parallel bars with 10 dips at end.

Station 2: Bearcrawl across outfield grass to infield on the far left field (actually behind Zima’s house the beer provider for the mud run trip home), Bearcrawl or lunge walk back to fence.

Station 3: 13 double merkin burpees on the football field

Station 4: 13 jump lunges per leg – far right between the baseball fields

Station 4: 10 pull-ups at the other playground behind the school

Start at the your station, complete it, go to the center station complete it, move on clockwise to the next station and rinse and repeat until YHC called time.

Few minutes left so don’t want to forget Mary

50 x flutter in cadence



Solid work out there today. Completely left in the dust by YHC’s group before making it half way thru the first cycle. Lots of Larry Birds out there today – Bushwood pushing the pace, IH and Snowflake crushing the pullups, DK putting on another bearcrawling exhibition. Everyone was pushing it today – great to see. And its a privilege and honor to lead this group and workout. Thanks for the opportunity.
Didn’t hear a lot of chatter out there today – was too busy chasing YHC’s group. If anything of interest (i.e. – funny) sound off in the comments.

Thank you Hops for the great sendoff – helps to keep us pointed in the right direction.

For those keeping score: Most if not all made it 2+ rounds thru the HYRDA – 2.5+ miles, 100+ jump ups, 100+ dips, 100+ decline merkins, 50 wide arm merkins, plus lot of other fun stuff like burpees, bearcrawls and pull-ups.


PAY for Mud Run Transporation – see email from Gummy – don’t make him hunt you down.

Matthews Elementary Tutoring – see preblast:

If you are interested, please HC by this weekend. If you have any questions, please let myself or Frasier know.

Champagne Out.

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9 years ago

Great lead Champagne!
Too much O2 deprivation for mumble chatter this am. The parallel bar dips were a treat. Will probably drop the KB on my head tomorrow at Centurion…..
Really enjoyed my Hydra intro!

9 years ago

Great lead Champagne!

Snowflake – welcome to Hydra. That was a good intro and shows how much terrain we have to use at Olde Providence.

I was in a 4-man group and it felt like a mudrun as we all stayed together. Iron horse, kong, and floorslapper all kept me pushing. Great stuff.

Next up is Gummy!

9 years ago

Gecko was definitely working hard; I shouted some encouragement his way as we passed each other in the gloom, and he responded with a barbaric YAWP. double-merkin burpees are awful. thank you very little Champagne

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Weird how one little extra merkin makes buprees 4 times as horrible. BTW, I could see you, Hops, from a mile away. Your shirt shines bright like a diamond.

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