100 Acres for the Minions

  • When:09/24/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Boutique, Radar, Baracus, Abacus (WD), Turkey Leg, Udder, Cane, Brushback, Pluff Mud, Spread Eagle, Alf, Busch, Lobsta Roll, Crabcake, Margo, Voodoo, Swanson, Hardhat, Purple Haze, Pumps, Prohibition, Boomer Sooner (WB), Icky Shuffle, Mermaid

100 Acres for the Minions

25 strong men arrived prepared for another installment of Anvil.  VSF planted, disclaimer provided, and off we went into the rainy darkness of this great AO.


Mosey to the far end of the sports field


SSH x 25 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Low Slow Jump Squat x 15 IC

Faster mosey from the south end of the campus to the north end along 51.  Stop at 51 and Rae.  SSH x 20 IC and Merkin set to wait for six to arrive.  Merkins x 10 civilian cadence: Regular/Offset right/Offset left/Wide

With arrival of six mosey past entrance 3 and around lot 7 down to the bottom of North Face.  SSH IC to wait for six.  2 trips up North Face.  Run to top.  Back around to the bottom and up again.  Plank at top.  Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/Swap/LLH/10 merkin/RLH/10 merkin.

Mosey to entrance 4.  LBC x 25 IC to wait for six.  2 laps at entrance 4.  Down/up/down/up.  Plank.

Mosey to rock pile and grab exercise rock.  All exercises to 20 in civilian count: curls/tricep extension/overhead press/overhead press (2×20)/CDD/tricep extension/curls.  Return rock to pile.

Mosey to pavilion.  Find a bench.

Bench Set 

20 x tricep dip/20 x derkin.  2 sets.

Short mosey to bottom of hill at athletic field.

Triple Nickel

Run to top of hill.  5 x CDD.  Run to bottom.  5 x Jump Squat.  5 repetitions

Mosey up the hill to lot at entrance 1.  Line up behind QIC for Indian Run through parking lots.  Ran north then south the length of the lots to launch lot.  Stop at north end of launch lot.  10 burpees OYO.  AYG to launch for COT.


Great group out there today with many Anvil regulars and some not-so-regulars.  Awesome to get some work done with a couple of the gentlemen I drove for in the BRR, Turkey Leg and Alf.  Alf was Larry Bird on the Triple Nickel and told YHC he prefers running hills that he can see the top of.  Agreed.  Radar brought some mumblechatter as usual.  Heard him whine about it being wet when merkins were called in COP.  Asked him for mileage afterwards and he failed to turn on his GPS, but helpfully told YHC it was probably around 100 acres, which is the size of the AO. T-claps to Runstopper for always looking after the pax and keeping the group together.  #leader.  Really strong work by all pax out there today.  We covered a lot of ground.  Fun to watch Lobsta Roll and Busch race to the finish for AYG sprint after burpees.  Will work harder to empty those tanks next time.  A pleasure and a privilege to lead a fine group of hard-working men at Anvil today.  T-claps to Busch for a fine prayer to take us out in BOM.

Come back next week for Brushback’s VQ.  I have no doubt it will be quite difficult and well executed.



Aftermath on Wednesday at Trader Joe’s Starbucks at Piper Glen.  Finished a book today and starting a new book next week.  Busch on Q.

Brewruck on Saturday.  BRING CANNED GOODS TO FRIDAY WORKOUTS.  Spearhead pax at all Friday workouts to collect canned goods for Saturday ruck.

See website/weekly email for details and more information.


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9 years ago

Great lead today Mermaid. Good to follow you on foot vs. behind the wheel of a van. Always good to see 2 dozen+ PAX killing it on a cool rainy morning.

9 years ago

Nice Q Mermaid in the rain-soaked conditions. I’m honored to lead the men of F3 and Anvil next week.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
9 years ago

Excellent beat down this morning Mermaid! I especially liked the tour de Calvary! I needed that to get my day off to a great start!

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