Calling All Area 51 Pax – Matthews Elementary Needs You!

Calling All Area 51 Pax – Matthews Elementary Needs You!

Area 51 F3 is partnering with Christ Covenant Church to help students at Matthews Elementary during their after school program. There is a real need for a positive influence and positive role models for many of their students. There is a particularly large need for male volunteers. They have a large number of female volunteers but are in need of more male volunteers. This is where Area 51 F3 Pax – YOU – can have a real impact. We are sending out this message for all of you who feel called to volunteer and make a difference in some child’s life by only volunteering a few hours each month. The impact will be significant.

The Details

The students, Stingers as they are called, will need to have someone who can dedicate about 30 to 45 minutes either weekly or every other week. The times we can be there is between 3:10 and 3:50 or the child’s lunch time. We are targetting Wednesdays as our days to be there.

You will need to sign up as a volunteer with CMS in order to be part of the program. The process is easy.
Just follow this link and sign up

There will be a training session at the school in October which will be mandatory for all volunteers (Sidekicks as we will be called).

You will be required to go either weekly or every other week, as a minimum. This is a request from the Asst. Principal – she would like to see consistency in the lives of her students.

You will assist with homework, sign off on agendas (if Parent approval has been given) and generally spend some quality time with your student.

Again this is a great way to make an impact in the lives of young people and a great way for F3 to give back to both Christ Covenant and Matthews Elementary.

As if often the case, you may get more out of this than you put into it. There is nothing like seeing the smile on a kids face after you have opened their minds to new ideas and possibilities.

You need to make a commitment by September 28th so we can give the numbers of volunteers from F3 Area 51 to the coordinator of the Sidekicks.

Below was pulled from a flier that is going out to the students/parents as well as all Sidekicks:

Stinger’s Sidekicks

Program Purpose

We know that raising a child is hard work! Unfortunately, parenthood never came with a user manual!
The purpose of Stinger’s Sidekicks is simple. Just like you, we want our students to enjoy learning while becoming successful, productive citizens within the community.
By creating new, respectful, positive and meaningful relationships with a sidekick, it is our hope that your child will have a renewed love for learning while gaining a role model and friend. It is our hope to provide another person in your child’s life to provide individual attention and support no matter how that may come.

Program Specifics

All Sidekicks will complete the CMS volunteer application process and become a registered volunteer through Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.
• All Sidekicks will assist the child with homework if and when applicable. Sidekicks are also permitted to sign off on the student’s agenda if consent by the parent has been granted.
• Sidekick will maintain responsibility for student during the allotted time in which they are assigned. Generally speaking, Sidekick time will either be during lunch/recess or after school.
• Sidekicks will meet with students in “open locations” such as the media center, gym, cafeteria, and playground. Sidekicks should not meet in locations that are secluded from groups of students/staff.
• Sidekicks are committed to the entire year of participation in the program and will work with the same student throughout the course of the year.

If you are interested, please HC in the comments below, or you can email either Champagne ( or Frasier ( Also please reach out to us if you have any questions.

And finally, if you have other volunteer ideas for Matthews Elementary, please let us know. We will loop in Slim Fast and Geraldo, as they are also site Qs at the workout in Matthews Elementary. Again, this provides us a great opportunity to give back to the students as well as to the school that lets us workout on their site.

Thanks Champagne and Frasier

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9 years ago

How flexible is the visit day? I’m in the video production business, and my shoot schedule can be erratic; shoots can happen any day. Can visit days be moved one way or the other if a Wednesday doesn’t work?


Reply to  Whitesnake
9 years ago

EDIT: I usually know my shoot schedule a week or two out, so it would likely not be a last minute change.

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