Pain. Partners. Pavement.

  • When:09/17/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Swanson, Geraldo, Pele (Kotters), Zuckerberg, Brutus, Whiplash, Hacksaw, Beaver (WD/respect), Margot, Bushwood, Young Love, Boomer Sooner (WB), Tiger Rag, Abacus, Spackler, Busch, Steinbrenner, Chanel, Lobster Roll, Boutique, Baracus, Bananas, Cane, Brushback, Mermaid, Header, Good Hands, Hops

Pain. Partners. Pavement.

Not sure if the SF or VSF was planted, but regardless – 28 men set out for another midweek assault at Anvil.

The Thang:

Warmup run down to entrance 3 on Rea Road and over to the lot near NF.  Plankorama while waiting on the 6.


SSH x 30

Rockhopper x 20

Slow Squat x 30

H-R Merkins x 20

Partner up and run to bottom of hill at entrance 4.

Partner 1 – bearcrawl up hill, Partner 2 – knee ups

P2 –  bearcrawl up hill, P1 – knee ups

Mosey down

P1 lunge walk up hill, P2 – CDDs

P2 lunge walk up hill, P1 – CDDs

15 hand-slap partner merkins at top

Mosey down

All pax backwards bearcrawl up the hill.


Jog to near baseball field and one partner grabs a rock.

P1 75ish yard AYG run around light pole. P2 overhead press w/rock. Flapjack.

P1 75ish yd AYG run again. P2 hold rock straight out in front at shoulder height.  Flapjack.

P1 – 75 yd AYG run. P2 tricep extension w/rock.  Flapjack.

Run to picnic tables at/near the concession stand.

11’s: Jump Up’s/Step Ups & Derkins.


Run to starting lot

High Slow Flutter x 13

Russian Twist x 13

CCV R x 13, Flapjack, CCV L x 13


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Good turnout at Anvil.  Bunch of the pax doing the pre-KB or 10k swing challenge or some such.  Great to have Pele back out after a short hiatus.  Prayers for you brother with your dad passing and M’s cancer fight.  Some mumblechatter but not as much as normal from the likes of Bananas, Busch, Spackler, etc.  Perhaps the workout was sufficiently painful?  YHC was fighting a head cold, but hope the pain administered was adequate.

Found out at 3rd F Aftermath that today is Busch’s 39th birthday.  Hope he did 39 extra swings.  Had I known – we all surely would have done 39 burpees or something to commemorate.  You owe us 39 of something Busch!

Good to see Brutus out as well.  4 or 5 posts for him now.  Keep coming out.  Hacksaw was pushing himself on the runs, too – great job pushing yourself.  I can see that former college athlete inside you – keep posting my friend.

As always I count it a privilege to Q the Area51 pax.  Great group of men.  Thankful to be a part of this.

Solid closing prayer by Young Love.


Saturday 9/20, 1-mile fun run as part of the 7th Annual 5k for Kids Cancer
Already 20 or so of F3 Area51’s HC’d to suit up in their F3 race shirts to lead the participants in some dynamic warmup. It would also be great to have the same strong father figures run with the kids and participants. See for more info.  Contact Honey Bee (

MudRun registration closes at 5pm TODAY – Still time to sign up.




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9 years ago

Nice Q Hops and way to push through with the head cold. I enjoyed my return to Anvil. Good mix of everything including but not limited to the hip thrust while on elbow plank. #specialty

9 years ago

Always great to have you lead Hops. Feel better, and again couldn’t be happier for your new job. My wife teared up (i’ll admit so did i) when i told her about your son saying it was the best summer ever with you. Aye!

9 years ago

Tough one today for sure. I would like to thank Header and Baracus for talking me through a true internal struggle. I made it home fellas. It’s all good. Inward focus kept outward mumble chatter to a minimum…somewhat…

9 years ago

Glad we could be there for you Bananas. I could smell..I mean sense your internal struggle.

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