Mud Run Training – Let’s Move!

  • When:09/16/14
  • QIC: Madame Tussauds
  • The PAX: 16 Brave PAX

Mud Run Training – Let’s Move!

USMC Mud Run 2004

16 men launched at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO to prepare for the next Mud Run in Columbia, SC on October 4th. We double our numbers from 8 men last week to 16 this week. Over the course of the hour, we ran 4.4 miles and did a whole lot of wall climbs and merkins. Here’s what we did:

The Thang:

The PAX launched at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO and headed down Ballantyne commons parkway, took a left onto Ballantyne Corporate Pl and crossed back over the Johnston Road bridge. Pain stations along the way included Lunges, merkins in cadence and a snake hill run.

We turned off Ballantyne Corporate Pl and followed the sidewalk to Pond #1. The PAX slalomed around small trees for a little agility work and gathered on the Dock for SSH X 15, Merkins X 15, lap around pond #1, Squats X 15 and LBCs X 15.

We then followed the trail through the woods, bear crawled up and over the bridge to Pond #2. We climbed up and over the stone wall and circled the lake and headed to Boggy Hill. The PAX snake ran up and down Boggy Hill and stopped for moving plank work. All PAX lined up in the Plank position with head facing downhill and performed moving downhill wide merkins X 10 to the left, repeat moving to the right.

Next we headed to the 5.5 foot stone wall and climbed up and down X 10, then moved over to the grass field next to Pond #3 for bear crawls across the field and crabwalks back. We then ran around pond #3 and gathered up at the picnic area for Merkins in Cadence X 15 and LBCs X 15 and ran another lap around the lake.

We ran a lap around Pond #4 and headed over the bridge crossing Pond #4 and up Ballantyne Corporate Pl towards the fitness trail, but stopped for merkins X 15 along the way. Once we arrived at the fitness trail, we split into 2 groups. Group 1 did 2 sets of Pull-ups X 10, Merkins X 20, squats X 30, while group 2 did arm walks across the parallel bars X 10, flapjack. We then headed back to the COT by running around pond #5.


I really enjoyed this Q this morning. It seems like a great combination of running and exercises to prepare the PAX for the Mud Runs in October.

While heading over to the 5.5 foot wall, YHC was clearing the way through the bushes and I face planted into a Chihuahua sized spider. Luckily, I was able to quickly brush it off without any feminine sounding screams (T-Claps).

While cranking through our work on the fitness trail, we stumbled across an old man wandering around aimlessly. Turns out, it was just Frelhey’s Comet. He was left behind by Bagpipe, so we were happy to lead him back to the COT.

The goal next Tuesday (9/23) will be to cover 5+ miles within the hour. Be stretched and ready to roll at 0515 sharp.

Great work by all the PAX this morning. It was a pleasure leading the men in the Gloom.


Mud run training continues next Tuesday 9/23, same time, same place.

Email Madame Tussauds at if you are interest in running with your South Charlotte Brothers in the Spartan Sprint on 10/26. The run is 8 miles with 20 obstacles, no man is left behind. All PAX get a 30% discount through F3.

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Mr. Bean
9 years ago

Good workout Tussaud, was struggling mentally this morning, thank you Mermaid and Outback for pulling me along.

9 years ago

Great Q MT! That extra 15 minutes really makes a difference. I will definitely be there next week. Aye!

9 years ago

Had no idea there was such a demand for 1 hour workouts! The “non-activity” version of Swift attracted 4 PAX (Bratwurst, Honeybee, Strange Brew, and Stump Hugger). After dipping our toes in the Mud Run training until the 521 overpass, we headed to the Bull Ring to do either 800 or 400 intervals. HB, Bratwurst, and SB are still in BRR recovery mode, but HB is doing a marathon in October and requested the 800s. Workout option #1 – run 7x800m in Yasso 800s speed format, but shorten recovery to half the time (more on Yasso 800s another time). Workout option #2 – run 7x400m with recovery 400m. Workout option #3 – go back to the AO, run 30sec on, 30 sec off, and don’t get mugged by the white Prius. Each option pushed us all just fine. Everyone got what they were looking for (except for the part about forgetting the six).

Post Mud Run, any PAX doing the M Tussaud mudrun option should stay tuned to Swift in order to keep up their speed over the Winter. Any PAX can do Swift if you endure 1 hour of constantly moving with MT’s workout.

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