Ice Up Son

  • When:09/15/14
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Rashard, Young Love, Simba, Big Top, Venus, Church Bus, Icabod, Water Seal, Skywalker, Barker, Barker's shaved legs, Brushback, Agony, Kirk, Snowflake (respect), Orlando, One Eye, Dick Clark, Hamlet, Hopper, Runstopper, Chappy, Serengeti, Love Bug, Starfish, Barrier, Venus, Steinbrenner, Big Willy, Fruity Flakes, Godspeed, Bushwood (QIC), Missing 2 #Qfail

Ice Up Son

33 men showed up next to a REAL SHOVEL FLAG (none of that virtual nonsense).  After Skywalker attempted to give Q details to someone who wasn’t the Q, we were off!  Here is what we did:

The Thang (or thing or thung; not sure, I’m just a VQ)

–Run from Carmel Park, down Camilla, left on Thornridge to top of Broad Hollow

–Brief disclaimer after someone said we had an FNG, but we really didn’t, #onebigtease

–Broad Hollow Half-Pipe 7’s

–Run down Broad Hollow to the intersection of Broad Hollow and Kimblewyck, 7 merkins

–Run back to down and up to start, 7 merkins

–Complete 7 rounds

–LBC’s OYO as we wait for six

–Brisk mosey to Carmel Middle front door

–COP for 3 rounds of Mary

–Flutters ICx21

–Freddy Mercurys IC x 15

–Dolly’s IC x 15

–Happy Birthday Kirk, 33 Burpees OYO

–Make our way to front parking lot, partner up

–Partner carries to end and back, switch as needed

–Bear Crawl to middle, AYG to end

–Bear Crawl to middle, AYG to start

–plank for 3 whole seconds

–Mosey to Brandymill

–Triple Nickel on Brandymill

–Run down to end, 5 CDD’s

–Run up to start, 5 squats

–Repeat 5 times

–Back to Park, stopping at each speed hump (not bump, but hump) for 10 merkins each

–1 minute left, 50 LBC’s OYO

Moleskin (or Naked Moleskin or no Moleskin; again I’m a VQ)

Great work by ALL this morning! Thank you Skywalker for the opportunity to lose my VQ status, even though you had Voodoo (#noshow) as Q in the email and scared Brushback into thinking he was the Q today. I’m still thankful.

Broad Hollow is wicked dark at 5:30am. There is a street light at the bottom of the half-pipe, but it wasn’t working, #dukesucks (the real Dook and Duke Power).  Waiting for the six was interesting, as they would just appear out of the darkness. We waited for the last guy at the top, but it turned it out to be a neighbor just walking. Runstopper ran to comfort him, but I think the guy dove for cover in the woods. Not sure, as I couldn’t see past 10 feet.

Around lap 3.5 on the half-pipe, Agony hit another gear. (Sidenote: my son is in the same preschool class as Agony’s triplets. My son refers to all of them as “Jack”.) Kirk was up there too, along with Barker and a few others (Qfail on remembering). Also, I would like to thank Young Love for the draft on rounds 6 and 7 of the half-pipe. It was much appreciated.

I found out that yesterday was Kirk’s 33rd birthday. So, we did 33 burpees to commemorate his birth. We are all thankful, except Steinbrenner who was just angry he had to do 33 burpees. You know it’s a good workout when Steinbrenner is angry. Apparently, someone else had a birthday, the big 5-5 or maybe it was 4-9. I didn’t know, so I apologize. We would not have done 55 or 49 burpees. I just would have said happy birthday.

I can confirm that we had a Barker sighting and he smoked it, #itstheshavedlegs. Those Freddy Mercury’s were for you my friend.

According to Al Gore’s great invention, the internets, we did 3.4 miles, 120 merkins, 33 burpees, 80+ LBC’s, 25 CDD’s, 25 squats, and some mary. Enjoyed it fellas!

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9 years ago

Good to be back on the f3 circuit.

Did notice Skywalker giving #Brushback the disclaimer at get go.

Best comment was when car passed us at AO we looked like a herd of deer scattering across the road with half of us freezing at the pretty light.

And tell your son we call them all Jack too.

9 years ago

Good work Bushwood.

I am glad you got a watch, couldn’t have done the extra credit.

Good quote at end of workout:
I am glad we didn’t have a FNG, that would have killed them. ?Flutie Flakes?

Ps-I love when Steinbrenner gets ticked.

9 years ago

Well done, Q. I believe my first trip over to that halfpipe.

I know Godspeed was one of the missing 4. I’m pretty sure it was him up front on the halfpipe 7s before, fortunately, fighting back recycling last night’s dinner (fish – as I said, we were all fortunate that he fought it off) on the Triple Nickel.

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