Preblast: Devil’s Turn Hill Week (t – 1 week to BRR)

  • When:08/28/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Devil’s Turn Hill Week (t – 1 week to BRR)

So it is one week before the BRR.  Should we be tapering? Maybe after this weekend, but until then… we train.

What better to train for the BRR than one last hill week at DT?  We will head again to Piper Glen and follow the same course as previous weeks except for the following options.

Option 1 (blue pill – 6 mi): Run standard course with energy and stamina and at the end of the run in Piper Glen, turn right onto Old Course and head back to COT (standard plan from previous weeks).  If you get back to the parking lot early, optional distance down Bevington Place can be pursued.

Option 2 (red pill – 6+ mi): Run the standard course until you come to the end of Links Dr. (on the return leg) and turn left onto Piper Glen Dr. at the bottom of the hill.  This is where the fun occurs. Proceed at a quick pace up the Piper Glen Dr. hill all the way to the crest.  Then proceed back to the bottom of the hill at the intersection with Links Dr.  Try to maintain pace back down the hill too.  Then turn around again and head up the hill to turn right on Old Course and head back to the parking lot.  (this allows a full appreciation (1.5x) of the largest hill YHC knows in these parts)

Option 3 (green pill – 4 mi): Run the standard 4 mile course out to Piper Glen.  Proceed around Old Course to dead end.  Take right down the hill and turn left on Old Course again to head out of the neighborhood and back to base.  Add some distance down Bevington place if needed to hit 4 miles.

Meet at the greenway parking lot at the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place to leave for the 4 and 6 mile routes at 5:15 am.  We will head out together for a 0.75 mi “apartment loop” and then proceed for the main event through Piper Glen.  YHC will have chalk to mark the way for both the 4 mile and 6 mile options.

For those that return to the greenway parking lot earlier than 6:10, feel free to add a little extra distance by turning right down Bevington place for an out and back.  Time it properly to return for COT at 6:15 am.

If you are into knowing where you are going, see the following post for some pertinent info.

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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Like getting hit in the face last week and coming back tomorrow for one more! #itsnot youitsme

9 years ago

Just another Easy run, eh? 😉

Reply to  Honey Bee
9 years ago

I say come in full BRR regalia – Headlamp, vest, and dual-blinking lights. If you haven’t tested it out yet, I would suggest doing so before making sure it all works together the first time. Also, it would freak out the Country Clubber in Piper Glen and look like a Disney Electric Parade (someone should bring the music).

9 years ago

Yes, ask A1A – he donated some skin to that sidewalk last hill run.

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