The Colosseum

  • When:08/22/14
  • QIC: Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Madame Tussauds, Cane, Jamboree, Outback, Boomer Sooner, Frasier, Mermaid, Chelms, Jekyl, Escargot, Dufresne, Snowflake (Respect), Semi-Gloss, Aqua Man, Voodoo, Plead the 5th, Billie Jean, Fried Okra, Whiplash, Shockoe Bottom, Chipotle, Swanson, Icky Shuffle, Cadillac, Purple Haze

The Colosseum

The shovel flag was firmly planted by Escargot as the Pax gathered for another episode of #F3Centurion. There seemed to be no hangover from last week’s visit from the Nan’tan himself, as the everyone appeared eager to work. So, after delivering the disclaimer, we got right to it.

The Thang

SSHs x 10 IC

Run from the launch point at CCHS to The Colosseum across 51 just off Carmel Commons…it’s about a mile run. Along the way:

  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Carioca left
  • Carioca right
  • Stop just across Carmel for Merkins x 15 and IWs x 15 IC

Enter The Colosseum and grab a respectable rock and circle up:

  • Squats x 10 IC
  • Side lunges x 5 each leg
  • Good mornings x 10 IC (down on 3, up on the count)
  • Squats x 10 IC

Mosey to the big hill in The Colosseum for Mermaid’s Triple Nickel:

  • 5 times up the hill
  • 5 jump squats at the top
  • 5 monkey humpers at the bottom

Back to the rocks:

  • Straight out with rock then up at 45* angle with rock x 10 IC
  • Shoulder presses x 10 IC

Mosey to a little shorter hill for Triple 3s:

  • 3 times up the hill…backwards bear crawl up, forward bear crawl down
  • 3 CDDs at the top
  • 3 CDDs at the bottom

Back to the rocks and line up along another hill of the Colosseum:

  • 10 bicep curls, drop rock, run up the hill, back to rock
  • 10 tricep extensions, drop rock, run up the hill, back to rock
  • Do this x 3

Return rocks and start our run back. Stop just across 51.

  • Plank work: RAH, RLH, LAH, LLH, Mission Impossible (10 second hold)
  • Merkins x 15

Keep running back. Stop at McMahon for SSHs x 20 IC while we wait for the six.

Run to the bus parking lot for Mary:

  • Flutter kicks x 15 IC, hold it
  • Dollies x 15 IC, hold it, spread ’em, together, spread ’em, together, drop ’em
  • 10 groiners OYO
  • High flutter kicks x 15 IC
  • Rosalitas x 15 IC
  • Elbow Plank for ~1 minute plus 2 10 counts

Mosey back to base. COT


Bucking YHC’s trend to just go over and run the heck out of Palatine Hill for 45 minutes, we ventured to another area across 51…a drainage area in the Carmel Commons surrounded by hills and with access to rocks. Ever since @Jamboree found it weeks ago, YHC’s wanted to go back. Today was the day. YHC dubbed it The Colosseum. No one died there this morning.

It was only a little soggy in The Colosseum but it added to the humidity. Plus there was very little air stirring. So after the mile run over and starting in on the leg work, the sweat was pouring pretty heavily. There were groans when YHC called for #MonkeyHumpers. Relax men…it was dark and we were down in a hole…no one saw. Just us guys. It’s called #bonding.

YHC had no idea how the Triple 3s might work or feel. YHC didn’t like it…but will certainly do it again. After the shoulder work with the rocks, failure on the backwards bear crawl up the hill came quickly.

@Semi-Gloss was a #hero this morning…clearing a huge spider web away for us on the last hill so we could run up it. As legend would have it, the spider was so big it blocked the light from the adjacent parking lot.

YHC caught some flack on the Merkins…as apparently it was heard that we were doing 10. YHC went to 15 each time. Don’t remember saying 10. But, as @BoomerSooner points out each time he runs past me, YHC is an old man. #HateHates

Chelms was quiet today. Either he was hurting or is just mellowing as he gets older. He did give us a solid takeout in the BOM to send us out into our day.

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9 years ago

Great Q as always PH! Very happy we did not make it over to Palantine, I really hate that hill. I can confirm the 10 Merkin call out followed by 15 count cadence. I thought it was just me the first time, but I know I did not mistake it the second time. Totally understandable, I make several daily trips down the hall in the office to speak to Fa So La and completely forget the reason when I get there. I blame it on some hard living in my 20s, you can select your own explanation. Any reason will do.

I forgot to give a T-Claps to Mermaid in the COT. He started the 10K Merkin Challenge 6 days late and completed it 10 days early. Solid work!

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Glad I googled Carioca to discover you spelled it correctly. 25 guys doing Karoke in the early morning would be almost as weird as Monkey Humpers. Actually, not even close – glad we were in the colosseum were no one could see us. However, I can’t believe I didn’t now how to spell my wheelhouse excercise (even more so than burpees due to better form).

I thought the triple nickle was bad but the uphill, backward bear crawl trile 3’s was worse. #feelingthepainnow

You are getting old and losing your hearing as I was not quiet – or else I’m getting senile #olderthanyou

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

I think your senility is the cause of your wretched misspelling…or is it? Are you doing that on purpose Chelms?

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Yes – wait, what was the question

Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Sitting at my desk laughing at the thought of Chelms arguing with the little squiggly red line that shows up every other word. “I mean,what do you do if there is no suggestions!”

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Escargot
9 years ago

Like a teenager texting, as long as the PAX understands the message than I’m not worried about if “i” comes before “e” or if you spell it carioca or karoke. PH should focus on following his own instructions – everyone heard 10 except PH. Maybe the spelled 10 wrong in his head?

9 years ago

Haze never disappoints at the Q spot. I know I told him this, but I will say it again: triple 3’s was absolutely brutal! It literally made me crawl in the traditional form, much like a baby. Shoulders are ready for a little rest. I will most likely enter 30 on my merkin spreadsheet for today.

Reply to  Mermaid
9 years ago

I too crawled like a baby on the triple 3s and the monkey humpers made me downgrade the jump squats to just a squat with bad form.

9 years ago

By the way, Chelms tweeted asking about pre-KB, then indicated he would not be there after I HC’d. Jedi mind trick?

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Mermaid
9 years ago

I’ll blame Cadillac. He convinced me to sleep extra 20 minutes but he didn’t have to twist my arm real hard. I’m already really massive so I didn’t really need it.

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