Serve and Volley

  • When:08/20/14
  • QIC: Dick Clark, Hops
  • The PAX: Bridges, Cubby, Tesla (WD), Big Top, Double D's, Bono, Voodoo, Simba, Jamboree, Hannibal, Ichabod, Blue Rhino, Shock-o-Bottom, John Deere, Barqs (WB), Dick Clark, Hops

Serve and Volley

The VSF was planted, and 17 willing pax embarked on another painful jaunt around The Charge.

The Thang:

Jog to midfield on the PDS gridiron for COP led by Hops.

SSH x 25 IC

MC x 25 IC

Slow Squat x 25 IC

Rockhopper x 25 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Hand off to Dick Clark

People’s Chair – 1 min.

Catch Me If You Can – partner up

partner 1 runs, partner 2 – 15 LBCs – lap 1

partner 2 runs, partner 1 – 15 merkins – lap2

People’s Chair until pax returns, then additional 45 seconds

Jog to car pool lane

Serpentine Bearcrawls through the traffic cones – “Bearcrawl Alley”

Jog to lacross field

Tennis Anyone?

Bag full of numbered tennis balls.  Barqs, Hops’ 2.0, pulled one at a time; announced number.  One of the pax swats the ball with tennis racket.  All pax AYG run to the ball and do aforementioned # of reps of called exercise.

Below is what I can remember of number, exercise and sequence:

13 Makthar Ndijaye’s IC

37 LBCs IC

13 Carolina Dry Docks IC

39 Dolly IC

13 Wide Arms (aka Larry Craigs) IC

11 Diamonds IC

50 second plank, followed by 10 seconds of 6 inches

33 Monkey Humpers (called by Double D’s) IC

54 Jumping Lunges (called by Ichabod) – civilian count

100 Groiners (unsavory final call by Dick Clark) – OYO

Jog back towards launch lot, stopping for another serpentine bear crawl at the Alley

Ye Olde Moleskine:

Was an honor for YHC to co-Q The Charge with Dick Clark.  DC & I grew up together in Monticello, IL – have known each other for 40ish years.

Good crew at The Charge.  Especially noted John Deere getting after it on the AYG sprints #smokeboots

Shock-o-Bottom clearly has played some tennis

And T-claps to Jamboree for running in 5.0 miles — 10 miles roundtrip!

Not too much mumblechatter from the pax, as if it were possible during the 33 monkey humpers and 100 groiners.  Full disclosure – only got to about 70 groiners before DC called the pax to plank.

Solid prayer by Hannibal to take us out.


OBT issued F3Nation wide ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Turkey Leg did likewise to Area51 pax yesterday at Fast Twitch.

Let Double D’s or John Deere know if you want to Q at The Charge.  Step up men!  Leadership is what it’s all about.


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9 years ago

A backblast for the Charge? Nice!
Nice work today Hops. Thanks for the beatdown.
DC, sneaking that last bear crawl alley in was awful. Thanks.

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