Twitch, Merk & Burp

  • When:8/5/14
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Mr. Brady, Spackler, Boomer Sooner, Gummy, Chelms, Hopper, Geraldo, Header, Baracus, Alf, Bugeater, FNG Niles-Chris P, Boutique, Maddison, Frasier, Zippidee, Soul Glow, 49er

Twitch, Merk & Burp

18, including 1 FNG posted at Fast Twitch at 0515 this am for YHC’s Fast Twitch VQ.

The Thang:

-Warm up: YHC recited the F3 disclaimer.

-1/2 mile burpee run to Davie Park.  Complete 7 burpees each time whistle is blown. YHC Lost count but  56 burpees completed according to Alf’s calculation.

-Circuit work: Run 1/4 mile to back parking lot and complete 40 mountain climbers and 20 CDD’s. Run back to transition  area and complete 40 Freddie Mercury’s (elbow must touch opposite knee). Run 1/4 mile to playground and complete 20 decline merkins and 15 pulls or modify knees to chest.  Run back to transition area and complete 40 FM’s.  Rinse and repeat as  until time is called… approx 30 mins.

-Merkin run to Rea Rd (audible called and run shorten to Cary Ridge Dr.) Complete 10 merkins when whistle is blown.  YHC lost count but somewhere around 60 merkins completed…..Just trying to helpout the Pax doing the 10k merkin challenge… you’re welcome!

-1.6 mile run through the hills for Raintree back to SCMS parking lot.  Lead pack completes merkins at each of the 4 stop signs until entire pax arrive.  40 to 80 merkins.  No need to thank me twice…


-It has been 5 months since YHC’s last Q’d an F3 workout and the first time every Q’ing FT.  I knew the bar was set high so I had to bring out the “big gun”…aka the whistle.  Always a crowd pleaser!

-Bugeater must have been hitting the Billy Blanks Jr “Dance With Me Cardio Fit” workout in his garage during his hiatus from F3.. he was killing it out there!  Nice work war buddy!

-Frasier as usual was in the lead and almost lapped the entire field during the circuit work.

-A lot of mumble chatter when YHC called for the merkin run to Rea Rd.   YHC conceded after conferring with Mr Brady about 1.6 mile run back and amount of time remaining.

-Welcome FNG Niles -Chris P. and t-claps for picking Fast Twitch as his first ever F3 post today.   Frasier demonstrated “no man left behind” and circled back to finished the final run in along side him…hence the nickname Niles.  Hope to see you in the gloom again soon and way to finish strong!


-Last F3 Dads this weekend.  Header Q

-Check with Champagne and Chelms for upcoming turtoring opportunities.




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9 years ago

Great work out there 49er and a nice change from the hills. Hopefully you lost the whistle somewhere in the gloom. T-claps to Fraiser for pulling up the 6 with FNG Niles. I am 3rd demonstrated right there.

9 years ago

Hilarious! If by killing it you mean nearly had cardiac arrest out there, spot on. First half felt great, second half ouch. I can tell this pax is getting whipped into BRR shape. Strong fellas. Thanks for heckling by spackler and gummy. Motivational. What an FNG post, geez. We may never see niles again. I saw 49er ask for his email. You think he got a real email address?

Reply to  Bugeater
9 years ago

Hey Bug – only 40 minutes left!

I said that half joking, looked at my watch and almost threw up seeing we really had 38 min left. Good work though brother. You killed it during the circuit.

Still pretty sure the exercises were off between groups. No way Soul Glow gets lapped. And he did.

Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago

I can start a little ambitious, but figured it may be my only shot at this group. You mean we were supposed to do exercises? I have the merkin head bob down pat.

9 years ago

My favorite part came during the run back to the school. Hopper; “Dry-fit my ass”.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

My favorite part was when my head hit the pillow last night at 9:30 and I was out. There will be no whistle next week – not sure if that means it will be easier but at least we won’t frigthen the tomatoes.

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