Indian Run Love

Indian Run Love

Indian Runs are a great way to start workouts at the beginning of the season. Some of the benefits of Indian Runs are as follows:

  1. Individual gets introduced to running faster for a short period of time at a slower than speed session pace. It is important to slowly introduce running faster due to the fact that most runners have been running easy to moderate miles all summer.
  2. Team gets to run together for an entire workout. This helps build important bonds within the team. During the run, everyone can encourage the trail runner as they move to the front.
  3. Race tactics are introduced. It has been said that the one who wins the race is the one who can surge and recover the fastest. Indian Runs are a good way to teach how to surge and recover.
  4. Indian Runs can be conducted anywhere. All you need is open space of any size or terrain. Most beneficial for coaches are areas where you can see the team at all times.

The Thang (or what I can recall of it)

Run to the back parking lot:

Warm up:

  • 30 Side straddle hop
  • 30 Imperial Walker
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

Indian Backward run with a twist, the last person run to the front regular back and forth the parking lot.

Indian run karaoke style, the last person run to the front regular back and forth the parking lot.

Indian run lounge walk, the last person run to the front knee high back and forth butt kicks

I forgot if we run another round…..

Circle Up: for Marys each person lead one mary and the person leading run back and forth the parking lot, everyone else do burpees then switch to Merkins or your preference

Donkey Kong mandated to do everything in series of 20s. Burpess count on your own, switched with merkins as well on your own.

  • Back Scratcher
  • Bicycles
  • Dollys
  • Flutter
  • LBCs
  • Rozalitas
  • Heels to heaven
  • X Cross Fit (DK great excercise)
  • Parker Peters
  • Jack Webb up to 10 merkins and 40 arm presses

Mosey to the school wall.

When everybody was comfy, Q decided to do Balls to the Wall.

What a nice 20 countdown!

Peoples chair, with Arms high, and we finally got on overtime.

Mosey to the main parking lot, and Wingman shouted Jailbreak, heck yeah! we jail break!

The weather was a great 60 degrees (did I say on my last backblast that’s about as low as it gets in the tropic?  it was great)

It seems like more than one Chief decided to run to the back of the parking lot more like a walk, because those burpees where hurting a lot!

Mighty Might reminded us how good is to be Aye again, by only doing burpees while circle up, rather than switching to Merkins as all of us Old people…..

YHC did not bring a watch as usual, did not even remember it was his commitment to Q the session. Hopefully everybody got enough pain to come back for more!.

Happy Holidays. Thanks for letting me Q.

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10 years ago

So was it Soul Glow or Semi-Gloss that posted at Rebel Yell? I confused the two in the backblast from the Rock on Saturday. It was Semi-Gloss who posted, but I listed Soul Glow. Radar got all out of sorts thinking his bro-in-law was betraying him or something…as if no one could possibly choose The Rock over Day Zero….

10 years ago

Great planned yet impromptu lead Long Distance. You make a great Democrat….er…Dictator. You have earned your stripes for another lead in the future. My chest is smoked. Amazing how much tougher burpees are after Jack Webb. The run from the Mary circle all the way down the blacktop and back seemed to take forever. So much so that Matlock made some random comment about there being 40 virgins at the other end, which was why it was taking us so long. DK showed us all why he is just a complete animal. During BTW, DK was literally humping the wall…one armed.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

What?! No plank walk Indian run?

Also…big fan of the lounge walk. I saw Spackler absolutely perfect it one Saturday night at Cosmos.

10 years ago

Also enjoyed some one armed ball draggery. Be on the lookout for said exercise in a nearby venue soon. Great Q. And you have now one upped frehleys for doing the post in your own name.

10 years ago

Ahh, the lounge walk AKA sultry strut.

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