Climbing the Peak

  • When:7/31/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Steinbrenner, Bieber, Jellyfish, Insomniac, Hannibal, Risky Business, Blue Grass, Bel Air, Milk Truck (John Snyder) FNG, Dunder (Peter Holliday) FNG, Gutter (Matt Mclaren) FNG, Sweet Melissa (Jake Hunt) FNG, Whitesnake, Lost (Micah Vickery) FNG Gullah, Geraldo, Hacker, Freedom, Winner Plays, Simba, Church Bus (Aaron Gray) FNG, Strange Brew, Good Hands, Bushwood, Swiss Miss, Fireman Ed Q

Climbing the Peak

The weather had cooled and 26 brave souls made it out in the gloom for a beatdown.  Even 6 FNGs made it out, thanks to one big cat Simba, might have be come the number one recruiter for F 3 South. Maybe certain colleges will hire him soon for their football teams or maybe not.



The Thang:


Slow mosey to the back parking lot


20 X SSH

10 X Merkins on your own

20 X IW

10 X Wide Grip  Merkins OYO

20 X Slow Squats

10 X Close Grip Merkins OYO

10 X MC

10 X Hindu Merkins OYO

10 X Peter Parker


After the warm up count off in 4s


The whole group takes two laps around the track, then heads over to the open field


The 4 group’s line up for tunnel of love racing, didn’t feel like everyone was feeling the love of the tunnel of love

30 yard race, group 4 took the win and didn’t have to do 10 merkins


Circle up for some Fireman Ed favorite Mr. Jack Webb


1 x merkin 4 x air presses, then 2 x merkins 8 x air presses … up to 8 x merkins and 32 x air presses


Quick Mary break:

20 X LBC

20 X Roslita

20 X Flutter



Back to lining up into the 4 groups for some relays


The first person does the bear crawl, to the first telephone poll then runs back, second person goes and so on until everyone has gone.

The group does LBCs while waiting on the one going to get back


Same thing but Gorilla walk


Slow mosey walk back to the track, partner up


Partner 1 runs a lap while partner 2 does squats, and then flip flop

Repeat with lunges instead of squats


Heard there was an FNG who Lost his merlot during this not sure which one Lost his merlot so I won’t take any guesses hmmmm




Great job today pack, large pac! Might have been the most I have ever q’d for.  I heard a lot of mumble chatter until the tunnel of love.   Welcome all 6 FNGS Milk Truck, Dunder, Gutter, Sweet Melissa, Lost and Church Bus, love the names.  If you don’t like your name feel free to bring it up at the next workout I am sure the pac can think of better ones #keepyourname.  I hope to see you all out again soon, the pain lessons the more you make it out.  I have been doing it for about a year and half and have really enjoyed, if you have any questions fell free to reach out.  Thanks for letting me Q it was an honor and my first one ever at the new Peak 51.   Simba thank you for taking us out in the ball of man.



F3 Dads on Saturday. 9:00 am at Beatty Park.
Mud run signups still up. We have a lot of free agents that we can match up and form teams, so go ahead and register and we’ll match up you later.
Young Life Mud Run – details at
BRR teams need drivers.

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9 years ago

Nice job Fireman Ed and great effort by the PAX. Simba keeps headlocking FNGs at a record pace.

9 years ago

That was a fun one, all the new guys did a great job and I think most will do it again! Thanks for leading Fireman Ed!

9 years ago

Plagiarized announcements! I expect a cut of your profits from this workout.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Mad props to Simba, the Lion King of EHing!

9 years ago

Calling in pastoral favors and making pastoral threats! F3 is worth it.

Reply to  Simba
9 years ago

Using the dirt you have on people from their kids prayer requests in Sunday School is dirty pool.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Horsehead
9 years ago

Even better was when we used to have Children’s Sermons and the kids would air their parents dirty laundry for the whole church to hear. I lost it more than once in the choir loft.

9 years ago

Great Q, Fireman Ed. Really liked the variety, and yes, even the running.

I have now officially given blood and sweat to F3; the former must’ve happened in the Tunnel of Love. Got home, wife takes one look, shouts, “Good Heavens what happened to your arm?”. ‘Twas a small cut, but flowed like the Big Muddy. All down the arm. Looked pretty cool. Should’ve Instagrammed it.

So. Blood and sweat. Tears coming soon, I’ve no doubt, if Dora has any say in the matter.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Whitesnake
9 years ago

Whitesnake you obviously haven’t heard Horsehead sing. That drove me to tears on many a morning at Outland.

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