Another Trip to the Parking Garage

  • When:07/29/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Wingman, Brushback, Escargot, Yogi (FNG to Bagpipe from Florence), Parfait, Turnpike, Rip Curl, JR Ewing, Vineyard (WB), Furley (Bagpipe FNG), FNG-Odd Job (John Morris) (WD), Kiper, Fried Okra, Peaches, Morning After, Garbage Plate, Brisket, Dory, Pops, Soft Pretzel, Heart Breaker, Frehley's Comet, Mermaid (QIC)

Another Trip to the Parking Garage

VSF planted and pax rolling in right up to launch.  Wingman and Frehley’s informed YHC of Champagne’s Muthaship-like workout at this AO on previous Saturday and how it sucked.  Sounded a lot like the planned workout inspired by Frasier setting the new record for 16 trips up the day before.  Not often one receives pre-feedback.  24 ran off into the gloom.


Mosey from launch to top of closest parking garage.  Plank to wait for six.  Disclaimer given.


Mountain Climber x 16 (IC) hold plank

Merkin x16 (IC)

Squat x16 (IC)

Mosey down 4 flights to bottom of deck

Deck Runs

Run from bottom to top (4 flights) and perform 32 merkin.  Run back to floor 1.  Plank-o-rama

Run to top (3 flights) and perform 16 jump squats.  Run back to floor 1.  Plank-o-rama

Mary: Heels to Heaven x25 (IC).  Dolly x20 (IC)

Mosey to adjacent square at townhomes.  Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  Partner-up.

Partner Relays

Partner 1 runs around square (1/8 mile approx).  Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap

Merkin/CDD/LBC for 3 rounds.  Plank to wait for six to finish.

Mosey toward launch.  Stop for a burpee break to wait for six.  Most pax did at least 25 burpees before QIC called squat.

Mosey to launch lot

Mary: Dolly x25 (IC)/Bicycle x25 (IC)/LBC x25 (IC)

15 Burpees OYO

25 Merkin OYO


Strong work out there by all pax today.  Ranged in age from 14 (Vineyard) to 58 (FNG-Odd Job).  Welcome to Yogi from Florence and another pax from Raleigh, whose name YHC fails to remember.  Great to have the new guys.  Strong deck work and running from Dory, Escargot, Brushback, Wingman, Brisket, Soft Pretzel, Abacus and others.  Great to see Fried Okra out yet again, getting stronger.  Same for our War Baby, Vineyard.  Keep on coming out gentlemen and keep on telling your friends why they need F3.  A pleasure to lead again at Bagpipe.  YHC took group out in BOM.  Continue to pray for Bill Chepul, Abacus and Chelms brother, who is fighting brain cancer.  See weekly email and website for  further announcements.



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JR Ewing
JR Ewing
9 years ago

Strong Q Mermaid! Nothing like watching the sun sneak over the Charlotte skyline while trying to rub sweat out of my eye. Thanks for leading today.

9 years ago

Excellent Q Mermaid. I thought the FNG was named ‘Hot Jobs’, as Philmont said he had helped his career.

9 years ago

Very strong beat down Mermaid! I was pretty sure the FNG name was Odd Jobs, Wingman seemed very adamant about the s on the end. Either way, welcome FNG Odd Jobs and strong first post brother!

I hate to steal the opportunity for Abacus to claim he posted at two separate workouts at the same time #verystrong, but I am fairly certain he was with the Swift group this morning.

9 years ago

F3 Dads – Camp launches in 17 days. The PAX is north of 300 PAX…it’s going to be a blast. If you are planning to come you need to register and pay at the link below ASAP. We are giving T’bird our headcount on Friday as they plan for meals and staffing.

Click here to Register and Pay:

9 years ago

I heard it as “Odd Jobs”. It went from CareerBuilder to HotJobs to Monster to Odd Jobs. Were it left up to me, his name would be Bubble Wrap because Philmont likes bubble wrap. Ran into OJ on the greenway Saturday – had not seen in years. He was intrigued by my miraculous transformation. Great to see him bring a Kotter as well his first time out. Philmont’s throws a mighty hard EH on the unsuspecting.

9 years ago

Dang Escargot, I thought I was going to get credit for simultaneous double down this morning. Must have been my long lost twin running around parking decks at Bagpipe this morning.

9 years ago

To clarify, the name was HotJobs. However let’s take a vote.

9 years ago

That’s where the confusion lies with the size of the circle. Back half all thought it was still HotJobs. Either way we welcome another brother.

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