Nice Form!

  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Big Top, Huggie Bear, Steinbrenner, Fry Daddy (Respect), Fireman Ed, Simba, Insomniac, Passport, Hopper, Spinner, Pele, JV, Whitesnake, Smash, Swanson, Gummy (QIC)

Nice Form!

While Frasier was bringing pride to the Southland at the Muthaship, the 16 men of Base Camp moseyed down to the football field and, after being properly disclaimed, continued thusly…

SSH x 20
Merkins x 10
IW x 20
Merkins x 8
Slow Squat x 15
Merkins x 6
Peter Parker x 10
Merkins x 4
Parker Peter x 10
Merkins x 2
Jog halfway around track, assemble on the far sideline.

The Thang
Sideline to sideline run with various exercises before, during or after said run.
Carioca, High Knees, Buttkickers, Merkins, Jump Squats, LBCs, Sister Mary Catherine, Carolina Dry Docks.

Gather in the middle for some starfish. 5 merkins in the middle. Four corners for 15 x  Merkins, Sister Mary Catherines, CDDs and Jump Squats. Repeat until time called – about 12 minutes total.

Mary Break
Flutter x 20
Dolly x 15 (after a Q fail)
Rosalita x 15

Mosey to the bottom of the stairs. Partner up.
Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs up the stairs and follows the path back down. Flapjack while partners do 50 total of each exercise: Merkins, Jump Squats, CDDs, Sister Mary Catherines.

Partner 1 does 20 full sit-ups while partner 2 planks and holds partner 1’s feet. Flapjack.
Partner 1 does 5 Prarie FIre Marys. Flapjack.


Solid work this morning by the PAX. Fireman Ed was the form police all morning and demonstrated excellent form himself on the buttkickers – I didn’t know sound effects were evidence of proper form.

Hopper eschewed the moderate label and ran in 4 miles from his house (but got a ride home – what was the backup plan if I didn’t show up?). More in line with the spirit of Base Camp, Simba and Big Top put in a solid 1/2 mile run in from Cedarwood. Next week, they’re meeting at the daycare.

Thanks, Passport, for letting me Q at Base Camp. Great group of guys.

Mud run signups are still open. Check the F3 website.
Church on the Street always needs volunteers. Check the weekly email for more information.
Church at Charlotte men’s retreat is Oct 24-26. 15 or so PAX have already HCd. Join us. Registration coming soon on CAC’s website.


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9 years ago

Hmmm….back up, plan, eh? I guess I would have walked back to Cedarwood with Simba and Big Top and rationed my water bottle level until I saw someone I could bum a ride with. Either that or wait til you either came to Fast Twitch or Death Valley to provide the lift. Hopefully, my family would miss me and go look for me….hopefully!

Great Q Gummy! You introduced some strong variety this morning. Passport seemd very intrigued with form this morning… scared me, frankly!

9 years ago

Great Q, Gummy. Kicked my butt. First Starfish for me. I’ll never watch Spongebob Squarepants the same way again; Patrick will come on screen, I’ll curl up in the fetal position and whisper repeatedly, “Go to your happy place”.

Good mix of exercises and running, the latter of which I need to improve, the former providing nice breaks in the latter.


P.S. The results are in: I hate Prarie Fire Marys. You know, for the record.

9 years ago

Next week 5:28 launch from the childcare building. AYG power walk to SCMS.
BYO Ankle weights=Beastmode.

Thanks for the strong Q Gunmy. Lots of laughs 2nd F with a great group of guys.

My personal favorite/worst moment was finding out why Firman Ed pulls his shirt over his face during prarie fire Mary. A previous F3er was dripping sweat from his shorts to Ed’s face. #Disgusting

9 years ago

It was great 2nd F today! BTW, I just finished making 16 rainbow loom friendship bracelets for distribution next week. #BFF3

9 years ago

BFF3 was the best comment of the morning. Way to go Steinbrenner.

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