New Faces – Same Extended Exertion

  • When:07/24/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Jamboree, Outback (DT-FNG), Mr. Bean, Fried Okra (DT-FNG), Madame Tussauds, Splinter, Stump Hugger, Horsehead, O'Tannenbaum, Honey Bee

New Faces – Same Extended Exertion

11 men showed up in the steamy gloom ready for some tempo running out to S. Charlotte Middle school around the track for a variable number of laps and a return run back to the greenway parking lot.  It was as simple as that.  The only minor twist was that the PAX circled the track clockwise instead of the boring counter clockwise.  You could sense the excitement in the PAX as this announcement was made prior to starting the run. (clear sarcasm here – nobody cared, but complied anyway to appease the Q)

Today was newcomer day at the ‘Turn with Mr. Bean (not an old-timer himself to DT) bringing Outback and Madame Tussauds bringing Fried Okra.  Since Outback and Fried Okra have only posted 3 and 2 other times to F3, respectively, it took some stones to post at a running workout so early in their F3 careers.  I think they both found that DT is for everyone though and there is nothing to be afraid of at a running workout.  The workout is scalable based on what you need and we are all out there for a good time.  Fried Okra put in an extraordinary effort on the last hill and absolutely crushed it.  Keep coming out!

Splinter asked some good questions during the warmup mile about proper running form and Bratwurst bestowed some wisdom on us regarding upper body and arm position and proper foot strike, etc.  YHC did not, however, hear the part about having to run shirtless in order to go fast.  Apparently this is an important tip since once at the track, Bratwurst literally started running laps around us (sans shirt).  Maybe when you go that fast you generate heat… who knew.  Something to try, I guess.

The Devils Turn stalwarts were out in force today too and put in solid work.  It is great to see a steady running group forming with Swift/Fast Twitch, DT, and Rumrunner each week.  Getting more efficient and quicker at running will serve you in many ways.  See you next week!


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9 years ago

What nobody mentioned was Splinter’s mysterious trip into the school bathroom (that’s right, we saw you). Given his recent lawn and hydrant escapades, one shudders to think what he actually does INSIDE of a bathroom.

Perhaps he gutted some deer or made a coat of fat women skins.

Somebody (else) should really go and check behind him.

Reply to  Horsehead
9 years ago

Actually, that was me making the pit stop. I had to wipe with my shirt, so would you wear it after that?

Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

That’s why you run so fast.


Reply to  Horsehead
9 years ago

I was feeling so good today that I had enough time to stop at one of those nice homes along Bevington to wash and dry it before COT. The only reason I put it back on.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Good 2nd F run back with Mr. Bean and Outback. Seems Mr. Bean has a few Marathons in his past (impressive). Great run out there Fried Okra!

Madame Tussauds
Reply to  Honey Bee
9 years ago

BOOM! I’ll do my best, but no promises.

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