Skunkworks – Monotony

  • When:07/22/14
  • QIC: Puddin' Pop
  • The PAX: Busch (KB), Bulldog (KB), Pickle (KB), Semi-Gloss (1/2 KB), Sussudio (pre-run), Header (pre-run), Young Love (pre-run), Probation, Tiger Rag, Bananas, Good Hands, Lab Rat, Night Court, Simba, Sanka, Chanel, Country Livin, Horsehead, Brown, Big League Chew, Jellyfish, Zipadee, Wabbit, Hacker, Lex Luthor, Fireman Ed, Donkey Kong, Crabcake, Harley, Puddin Pop (Q)

Skunkworks – Monotony


30 of Area 51’s finest got together to repetitively swing some iron this morning.  Here’s what happened:

The Thang

Mosey to grass field for COP:
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 25 IC
low Squat x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

Mosey to lower parking lot, grab some curb, and partner up

Partner 1 – perform called exercise
Partner 2 – run to road in front of school (+/- 75 yards) and back
Continue to flapjack until combined reps are complete

Round 1
Asinines x 100 (t-bag squat ->curl->overhead press->tricep extention = 1 rep)

Round 2
Calf raise upright rows x 100

Round 3
Lawnmowers x 100

Round 4
Two-handed swings x 100

Round 5
Clean & presses x 50

Round 6
High pulls x 50

Mosey back to grass field in front of school for 3 mins o’ Mary

Protractor w/ extended arm bell
Russian twists x 11 (IC)
20 second plank (haha)


Morning started off reading Busch’s tweet from last night looking for some added swings, so I knew the PAX were going to be geared up for this one.  The pre-Thang activity was quite impressive with others running in (mentioned above – sorry if I missed anyone), but I gotta say, I’ve never seen the pre-KB workout at a KB workout – good stuff men.

Who knew swimming was the only workout to hit most of the muscles in the body?  Didn’t have enough time to include the Good Mornings from the weinke, otherwise the hammy’s would’ve felt the same demise as the other muscles in the body.  Certainly went for a full body beatdown, and hopefully delivered on it.  Thanks to TR (name master), we unveiled the “Asinines” which was a real crowd pleaser.

I think I heard some mumble chatter during SSH regarding YHC’s shirt as some thought it to be a crop-top; the humidity was pretty thick, but I believe I heard Zip say I was bringing sexy back.  I think I might have to defer to the ravishing team of Bulldog and Donkey Kong as both decided to go the back half of the workout sans shirt.  Pretty regular routine for DK these days, I guess BD felt the peer pressure of living up to his partner’s expectations.

Speaking of peer pressure, I’m pretty sure after round 5 of our partner work, Probation and Sussudio were ready to head back to the school; sorry boys, we had to get in a little more delt work with the high pulls.

Strong work by all out there today as usual, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Sussudio – thanks for taking us out this morning, very strong.


F3 Dads back on this Saturday – Francis Beatty Park – Q is needed, see Header if interested

Sound off in any comments if I missed anything.

Posted on behalf of Puddin’ Pop


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9 years ago

So, at some point after the “asinines” things got pretty weird out there. I look to my right and I’m standing next to Chewbacca and R2D2. The only thing worse than R2D2s British Accent is his attempt at a Southern Accent, which happened every time he crossed me on the hills.

Thought about switching sides, but it looked like those two had already “switched sides”.

9 years ago

As soon as we hit the lower lot, I think it was wabbit, sound off if not, mentioned that he’d just stepped on a frog…pretty standard wind breaking joke so I looked over to throw a laugh in to encourage immature behavior and noticed that he actually stepped on and killed a small frog by accident. As my 11 year old son Luke aka F3 Hotshot replied when I told him the story over coffee, “can’t make that stuff up”.

Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

Fwog season.

High Tide
Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

Nearly spewed my morning coffee reading that one!

9 years ago

Speaking of immature behavior I have to tip my hat to my hairy partner. We were planking up close to each other (as good partners do) and Young Love taunts Donkey Kong with “have you seen that Planet of the Apes is out at the movies?” To which DK replies “yes I have and your mom loved it!”

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