Not Your Daddy’s “Ring of Fire”

  • When:07/19/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe & Countertop
  • The PAX: Horse Head, Boone Dock 2.0, Double E, Hairband, Snowman, Zip-A-Dee, Glass Joe, Countertop

Not Your Daddy’s “Ring of Fire”

8 Strong PAX Posted Saturday morning for a thorough beatdown.  Glass Joe lead the PAX like a seasoned  veteran.

The “Pre- Thang” 06:00

Kicked off the pain with a few #F3Outlanders gathering for a 5 mile run around the Campus.  (Double E, Horse Head, Glass Joe,  Boonedock 2.0 *on the BMX)

The “Main” Thang 07:00

Mosey to shovel flag for Warmup COP (CT Leading 1st half)
– SSH x20
– Burpees x10 OYO (this was welcome gift to all, from Snowman, as he arrives on the scene)
– IW x20
– Merkins x15
-4 count squats x20
– LBCs x20

Mosey to the the hill in front of the Middle school and partner up
Round 1
– partner 1 run up hill Burpees x10 and return
– partner 2 LBCs
– repeato until team reaches combined x100
– Plank
Round 2
– partner 1 run up hill Burpees x10 and return
– partner 2 merkins
– repeato until team reaches combined x100
– plank
Round 3
– partner 1 run up hill Burpees x10 and return
– partner 2 squats
– repeato until team reaches combined x200
– plank

Mosey over ot the Wall
– Partner 1 Peoples Chair
– Partner 2 supine pull-ups x10/20/20
– switch
– repeato x3

wrap up the first half with flutter kicks x1minute

Glass Joe starts a long 12 round beatdown.

Mosey over to the rock pile and get ‘the rock’.   Mosey on to the football field.
The Devin Hester: Partner 1 chasing partner 2 carrying ‘the rock’.  The goal was to go from end zone to end zone without being caught or essentially a 100 yard dash.  Then we switched and Partner 2 chased Partner 1 back to the other end zone.

To the stadium stairs we go!

Originally named Stairway to Heaven/Highway to Hell as I was trying to stay consistent with the use of classic metal but Snowman came up with the name Ring of Fire (Down, Down, Down…the stairs we go) which probably made Jesus happier with me so I’m sticking with that.  In honor of Snowman:

Partner 1 runs a lap around the football field.  Partner 2 goes up the stairs/down the stairs/10 burpees and continues that pattern until Partner 1 is back and then Partner 2 takes off for his lap while Partner 1 does the stairs and burpees.

Here was the rotation we did for Ring of Fire: 10 burpees/20 dips/30 merkins/40 LBCs.  And by the end of it, everyone had run a mile and climbed the stairs at least 4 times.

Mosey ‘the rock’ back to the rock pile.

Indian Run back to the flag ending in a sprint to the flag.

Moleskin:   Great job by everyone today!  Lots of running which will make a man out of ya.  Or at least half the man you used to be in pounds if you keep running.  Great job by Double E, HH, Glass Joe and Boonedock on bike for the 5 miler at 6AM.  And we all appreciate Snowman for interupting CT which enabled us to end the workout like we began it…….10 burpees due to Snowman.

Announcements:   Glass Joe is leading a guys study through Philippians at Sweet Frog in Monroe on Tuesday night at 7pm.  It begins this Tuesday night and will continue for the following 3 weeks as Philippians has 4 chapters so it’s a chapter a night.  Jesus used loaves and fishes, I’m using frozen yogurt.  Something for us all to puke up next Saturday.

Prayers:   Praying for our brother Drop Thrill’s Mom.  We pray for healing for her and peace for Drop Thrill and his family.   Praying for HH and his job.  Praying that he can manage the current workload and see some relief from it as well.

I might be the first to get knocked out in the video game but I kept getting back up dadgummit!   Glass Joe!!!

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9 years ago

That was a good one. The 5 miler to start things off made for an early bedtime on Saturday night. Hill combos followed by stadium combos were rough on the same body parts – almost like the Qs hadn’t planned their workout together at all. Zip lived up to his namesake on the track – tried to catch him on the last lap (he had a good head start) but he heard some footsteps near the final turn and was having none of it. He did look a little green in the gills after the final push though, so I think he felt it. Mama Z is putting him on the program for his upcoming race, so he better tighten it up.

I will give Glass Joe a little grief for finishing his first Q without having to call a single exercise in cadence (I think). He gets a little reprise for doing the pre run, which was a bold move before a VQ.

Miss you guys next week – will be back at F3 Florence for Swamp Fox and Lizard Man combos.

– Horsehead

Glass Joe
9 years ago

So, I did have some exercises planned at the end requiring a cadence. Ran out of time! Will definitely get that in next time. Or I can blame Siri!

Hair Band
9 years ago

Great job guys! Legs are definitely tight!

We probably need to keep “Stairway to heaven” though, “Ring of Fire” is when circled up and exercise (Merkins or Mary) is called & someone bear crawls, runs etc. around the circle while the others are doing called exercise.

In checking the lexicon, the stair running is actually called RobertPlants… Stairway to Heaven, close enough.

Glass Joe
9 years ago

Dangit Snowman! Everyone drop and do 10 burpees due to Snowman again for stealing a name this time!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Oh good gracious, I’m winded just reading this BB. Talk about #CSAUP. 😉

Thanks brothers for the prayers, we’ve actually been called to the hospital as a family tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., so it doesn’t look good. Trying my best to leave it in God’s hands, but not easy.

The ironic thing in all this, among other things is that about a week before Mom went downhill I had just watched Forrest Gump, and the next Sunday Mom said (out of the blue)she wanted to buy it because that was one of her favorite movies. Sally Field as Mama Gump reminds me a bit of my mother. Only thing is that Mom purchased the movie, but never got to watch it again. It’s sitting at home next to her chair still in the plastic. I hope she gets to come home and watch it another time or two.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow after going to the hospital about Mom, I think I’ve got a sinus infection or something worse. Because of that, I was just so tired Saturday and didn’t sleep good at all Friday night and figured a workout in the rain probably wasn’t a good idea.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this post and say thanks again for your prayers and support. Hopefully I’ll be back with you guys (with the ruck) Saturday. Aye!

Double E
9 years ago

Great Work Saturday fellas! I think I heard HB say this was his favorite workout yet! He is a runner at heart now! And Great Job CT on the Burpee/Merkin fest! Definitely a smoker of a workout and the Pre-workout 5 miler was right on. We had a No Show Late Show and a Late Snow causing Bonus Burpees. Looking forward to Saturday when we can do it all over again!

DT, we certainly missed you and will be praying for you, your mom and your family. If you need anything at all, just let us know! Aye!

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Double E
9 years ago

Thanks Double E.

Update To All: We got to see mom briefly yesterday and I was very encouraged by what I saw.

I don’t know if dad just didn’t understand what we were being called down there for, but it was NOT to read the last rights.

Mom still has a long way to go, her heart and kidneys both are not working right and with her other issues it’s a miracle she is even still alive.

Dad is finally back to himself after getting a few days of good rest with mom not there driving him crazy. 🙂

See you guys in the gloom Saturday, feeling much better now that I’ve got some drugs.

I hear my ruck is going to be making the rounds Saturday. Oops, just spoiled the surprise.

Last update, ugh, writers like to write too much!

Tuesday at my evening boot camp because of my sinus infection I just couldn’t do the ruck anymore and took it off.

Well we were running laps and holy runners Batman was I faster than I’ve ever been in my life! I sprinted like Horsehead running after a carrot!

So I may end up being a runner after all. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Props to all for the support you’ve shown the past week to me, #3rdF showing up in big ways. Aye!

Hair Band
Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

@ Drop Thrill #Looselipssinkships

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
9 years ago

*whistles and walks away quickly.*

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I meant last Tuesday, not yesterday.

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