• When:07/17/14
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Calloway, Gummy, Lex Luthor, Gecko, Morning After, Brisket, Bugeater, Deep Dish, Kirk, Donkey Kong, Garbage Plate, Iron Horse, Hopper, Scratch 'N' Win, Lucky, Peanuts (FNG), Hops, Huggy Bear (FNG), Cookie (FNG), Focker, Joker, Semi Gloss, Beaver, Red Rocks


Twenty five middlescents (including 3 FNGs), descended upon the OP fields for a bite from the three-headed hell dog.


  • Mosey
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 20 (low and low)
  • IW x 20
  • Run away, scuff up the other baseball field just enough to make Bug nervous
  • Squat x 20 (low and slow)

MAIN THING:  Here and There

“Here” was at the concession area.  “There” varied per round.

1st round, Rea entrance (1000 ft, one way)

  • Here: 5 merkins, There: 15 merkins
  • Here:10 merkins, There: 10 merkins
  • Here 15 merkins, There, 5 merkins
  • Step Ups and Jump Ups while waiting for the 6

2nd round, Providence entrance (+/-800 ft, one way)

  • Here: 5 squats There: 15 squats
  • Here:10 squats, There: 10 squats
  • Here 15 squats, There, 5 squats
  • Step Ups and Jump Ups while waiting for the 6

3rd round, back of football field (+/-650 ft, one way)

  • Here: 5 heels to heaven, There: 15 heels to heaven
  • Here:10 HTH, There: 10 HTH
  • Here 15 HTH There, 5 HTH
  • Step Ups and Jump Ups while waiting for the 6. Larry Birds get an extra trip.

Mosey to parking lot for plank-style count and name-o-rama COT. Why sit when you can work?



  • With BRR right around the corner, it’s all about mileage, all the time.  So the goal was to keep it moving as much as possible. Forgot to wear the Garmin today but back of envelope calculations (from measuring Google Maps) put us in at just under 3 miles.  Not too shabby.
  • TClaps to Bugeater and Kirk, who can add another 3.2 to the tally and to Hops and Iron Horse who ran to and from the AO.
  • Good work by our trio of FNGs.  Peanuts, who is visiting from Africa; Huggy Bear (logic as follows: last name Barata(?)–>Beretta–>bird’s name? Don’t know–>other 70s police shows–> Starsky–> Huggy Bear. Final Answer); FNG Armando, in IT–best we could do is cookie, which is a sad commentary on the state of our computer knowledge.
  • TClaps to Semi Gloss for adding an extra swipe of antiperspirant prior to the workout.  He apparently keeps an extra stick in the dirver’s side door for emergencies.
  • Lots of guys flying out there this morning, including Joker, Hopper, Hops, Gummy, DK, Bug and Kirk.


  • The Mud Run sign ups are still open.  False deadline? Savvy marketing? Raw manipulation? We may never know.  What we do know is this: as a region, Area 51 is sending fewer people than “OTHER.”  We are getting outgunned by John Doe, Others Receiving Votes, Witness Relocation, the Home School Football Team, the Audio Visual Club.  Slice it however you want, let’s make a push and show OTHER who their daddy is.
  • F3 Dads meets again this week.  9 am at Beatty.

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9 years ago

Hydra glad to welcome Cerberus! That was a 3-legged beast for sure. Thanks for tacking on the mileage. Legs be smoked today. Great group of pax for sure. Nice lead Tiger Rag.

Next up, Champagne, who will be back from a week of leisurely at the beach and likely looking to take it out on us. Good times.

Also fletch joined for 0500 5k pre-run last week, kirk joined this week for 8:06 splits (geez kirk), but really a fellowship pace for those chasing miles again next Thursday. Launch OP lot 0500.

9 years ago

…Home school football team…that’s funny; don’t care who you are. Also, sign up for mud run; don’t care who you are.
As for the workout-it was painful; several of the pax expressed surprise (aka displeasure) with the running. One exclaimed: “What is this? Fast Twitch?”
And the coup de grace (what?) was the COPT – Circle of Painful Trust or COTP – Circle of Trustful Pain.
Only disappointment was that none if the pax ran into the net running to/fro the football fields. That would have been worthy of Area51 HOF nomination.

9 years ago

You asked us to count our step ups. I did 57 total (27+30).

Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

I wondered if / when that was going to come into play. Audibled out? I hate to think that I took my shoes off to count that high for no reason.

Appreciate Bug helping me discover fellowship pace. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get out of that cadence / pace. I think I ran the entire Cerberus at an 8-minute pace.

Sign up for the Mud Run – seriously, if you’re reading this and haven’t, just do it. It’ll be one of the better decisions that you make today. If you can make it through a difficult F3 workout, you can complete the mud run. Help A51 beat Team OTHER!

9 years ago

Good, straightforward punch in the gut this morning. No frills required.

And you never know what to expect with TR… slosh pipes, tennis balls with exercises written on them, lacrosse balls in the glutes, slow cadence stuff, hair burners, tug of war, backwards stuff, kettle bells, etc.

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