Fast Twitch: It’s Magically Delicious!

  • When:7/1/14
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Bugeater, Rock Thrill, Purple Haze, Semi-Gloss, Beaver, Spackler, Gummy, Hairball, Turkey Leg, Hannibal, Mr. Brady, Cheese Curd, Mall Cop, Soul Glo, 49er

Fast Twitch: It’s Magically Delicious!

16 Pax gathered at South Charlotte Middle School to engage in some F1 oxygen deprivation, some F2 encouragement and to see if Spackler could recover from vacationing with his wee leprechaun friends in Ireland.  It appears all 3 were accomplished!

We took 1.5 warmup laps waiting for Rock Thrill to speak to his peeps… or freshen himself after his 2 mile run in (strong)!  Quick COP of:
SSH x 25
IW x 20

Off we go… avoid the traffic pulling in to SCMS…

Fellowship pace to Rosecliff.  20 single count merkins.
Fellowship pace to Coburn Ct. (which I’ve heard referenced as “Spackler’s Hill”, and which will now heretofore be known as “Spackler’s Knob”…  I digress….)
Once at Coburn Ct., we split into two groups, and did sprints up opposing hills, then 50% jog back to center, then sprint up the opposite hill.  YHC called it a “half pipe”, but other words were used to describe it as the distance piled up.  We went for 20 minutes, which was 4.5 legs.  Plank for recovery.

Fellowship pace to Bevington, 20 x LBC, 20 x Dolly
75% – AYG down Bevington to Rea (approx. .70 mi)
Plank at the corner

50% jog up Rea to Hwy 51
25 Squats OYO
Native American Run back to SCMS… again avoiding the traffic jam in the SCMS parking lot.


I was honored to be Q today.  I had a great time, and I hope everyone benefited.  As expected, Mr. Brady, Turkey Leg, Soul Glo and 49er were tearing it up.  Respect and T-Claps to Beaver who is in his 2nd week of F3 workouts and decided since his arms and shoulders were scorched, he would just come to a running workout!!

Rock Thrill as mentioned earlier ran in from DT, and back to his car, for an additional 4 mi!  Spackler didn’t seem phased by his world travels.  He also was able to swing his man-truck in and parked on top of 2 hybrids and a Volkswagen Beetle… but he left them a note of encouragement of “Have a Nice Run!”

Great to see Bugeater after being away for a few sessions… he did stop at the South Charlotte Library to check out a book on recovery runs… Also, Mall Cop and Semi-Gloss were giving it everything!

We totaled 6.0 – 6.5 mi… so great work!

Thanks for the send-off by Mr. Brady!

1.  Sign-up for Mud Run by 7/15
2.  3rd F on Wednesday’s at South Park Bojangles – “Prodigal God”
3.  Area 51 Convergence at the Rock on Friday 7/4 @ 7:00 AM.  It is the only Area 51 workout.
4.  USA World Cup watching at The Yellow Rose by Day Zero.

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9 years ago

Great lead slim fast. My legs are smoked. Time off kills endurance. I best get after it as Leg 20 of BRR will require 8 solid weeks of training. Glad to be back at twitch. Thanks haze and rock thrill for search and rescue mission.

Rock Thrill
9 years ago

1-great job leading today, SF! That was a tough one!

2-I just cannot fathom how Turkey Leg can post at FT on Tuesday after posting at the Muthaship on Monday. #beast

3-I skipped the post FT 2 mile #sadclown cool down today. After that smokefest, Soul Glo’s offer to drive me to my truck was just too tempting. #fulldisclosure

4-Fast Twitch never disappoints! Thankful to be there today amongst the PAX.

Reply to  Rock Thrill
9 years ago

You got that right Rock Thrill. FT never disappoints but it can sure discourage! As always I was dreading this day, even midway through my Irish escapade knowing how bad it was going to kick my arse. Thank you Slim Fast for the lead today. Much appreciation for helping to rid my system of the Guinness, blood sausage and boiled ‘bacon’.

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago

Yep, FT is the workout I love to hate. Great lead Slim Fast! I do think the sprint to Rea Rd was slightly longer then a 1/2 mile as advertised. And the Indian Run (compliment to our Indian brethren) is brutal. I really should have continued to run in front of the group vs getting caught up with the speed demons! I believe Semi-Gloss was consumed as well! I were better for it.

Lastly, Spackler…I believe I saw the Guinness sweating out of you today!

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