Armor Building – Twice the Fun

  • When:07/01/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Harley, Chanel, Fireman Ed, Horsehead, Fletch, Hacker, Focker, Hair Band, Gullah, Sanka, Warm Milk, Tiger Rag, Wabbit (rename - formerly TI81), Donkey Kong, Bulldog, Brown, Geraldo, Pudding Pop, Robin Hood (WD - Double Respect), Young Love, Monkey Joe, Bananas, Simba, Country Living, Tackling Dummy

Armor Building – Twice the Fun

26 posted for the promise of heavy swinging and no running.  Here is what they found:

The Thang:


  • Side Straddle Hop (with Disclosure) – IC – 25
  • Low Slow Squats – IC – 20
  • Imperial Walker – IC – 20  (crowd favorite)  (no, really)

Sufficiently warm and loosened, the pax partnered by KB size for

Armor Builders:

  • P1 – Armor Builders (2 double cleans, 1 double press, 3 double front squats)
  • P2 – recovery jog across the field and back (modify with merkins, as desired)
  • Flapjack and repeat, 5x each partner

Recovery mosey across the field and back – all pax

Recovery Superset – no partner

  • Goblet Squat + Press – 15
  • 2 hand Swing – 15
  • Rinse & repeat 3x

Partner Superset

  • P1 Double KB Bent Over Row – 12
  • P2 Merkins
  • Flapjack & repeat, 3x each partner

20-10 Superset

  • (audible to mix in Mary between main exercises)
  • 20 reps of each
  • Sumo Deadlift + High Pull
  • Flutter with Press
  • 2 hand Swing
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Lawn Mowers (1/2 reps each side)
  • Russian Twist
  • Snatches (5 each side)
  • Plank
  • Merkins
  • Repeat all, dropping counts to 10

Bonus time:

  • Pullovers
  • 2 hand Swing
  • Calls for, but Q-refusnik, for burpees (#worsethanrunning)


  • Fireman Ed hosting World Cup viewing party, 4 pm – per Bulldog
  • Friday, July 4th – all workouts are converging at Calvary Church (AO of The Rock), 0700.  Coffeteria following.
  • Saturday, July 5th – Olympus is converging at Ascent, 0700.  (although Ascent is moderate, there will be ample opportunity to modify upward or downward as desired.  Second half will be KB.)
  • Thursday, Aug 7th – a new KB/Gear workout will debut, 0530, location TBD.


Mumble Chatter (aka Moleskin):

YHC preblasted out that there’d be no-to-minimal running, and aside from easy recovery runs, that goal was accomplished.  YHC also challenged the pax to bring their heavy KB’s and promised a solid beatdown.  It seemed that most took the challenge, so we’ll assume that promise was kept.

Mumble chatter began early, as the disclosure was given during SSH warmup (#efficiency), and continued with a little confusion on the first set of Armor Builders.  The chatter subsided after about the second set, as the intensity picked up, only to resume later on when, one can only assume, exhaustion starts to kick in and the jowls get looser.

Great work out there today!  YHC had timed the workout last week, and it was spot on 45 minutes.  Today, we blew through it in about 40 minutes (!), so bonus work was in order.  This is even more impressive considering the oppressive humidity this morning, making it that much harder to catch your breath between sets.  Hopefully, the audible to combine Mary with the single bell exercises helped.  Even so, YHC was nearing TBQ (Total Body Quiver) by the end.

Bananas – judging from the picture used above, you’ve been using KB’s for a while.

Thanks, Gullah, for being our official time keeper.  YHC is so used to not wearing a watch to Skunk Works that he didn’t bother today either.  Creature of habit.

Thanks, Tiger Rag, for leading us out.

YHC has surely forgotten to capture some of situation appropriate comments, so please feel free to sound off below.

It was an honor to lead today.  Thanks for the opportunity.

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Hair Band
9 years ago

When I was at the beach 2 weeks ago I stayed active and tried to balance my eating, last week in Jersey for a wedding there was no exercise and A LOT of food!

I paid for it this morning, so words of wisdom when you do your summer getaways try to stay active and if you eat tasty but bad for you food try to balance it otherwise your body will respond poorly.

Just thankful for the lack of running or it definitely would have been a merlot kind of morning.

Good to be back and a Solid Q High tide!

9 years ago

Great Q. My legs are still very sore! No running necessary.

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