Self-Myofascial Release

  • When:06/23/14
  • QIC: Whiplash
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Stagecoach, Boutique, Bugeater, Purple Haze, Horsehead, Strange Brew, Whiplash (QIC)

Self-Myofascial Release

With no site-Q to be found, 8 men moved the Pavilion tables and launched into another episode of #F3Flex. Today, it was more quality time with foam roller.

The Thang

  • Side to side stretches
  • Scorpion stretches
  • Inch worm stretches
  • Lunge stretches
  • 4 minutes mosey around the field

Then foam roller time:

  • Right side: glute, hamstring, IT band, inner thigh, hip flexor, quad, shin, calf
  • Left side: calf, shin, quad, hip flexor, inner thigh, IT band, hamstring, glute
  • Back



Self-Myofascial Release techniques on a foam roller improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries. In a nutshell, you use your own body weight to roll on the round foam roll, massaging away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility. Some benefits of self-myofascial release include:

• Correcting muscle imbalances
• Improving joint range of motion
• Relieving muscle soreness and joint stress
• Decreasing neuromuscular hypertonicity
• Increasing extensibility of musculotendinous junction
• Improving neuromuscular efficiency
• Maintaining normal functional muscular length

Another solid #F3Flex workout from Whiplash. Very informative about the techniques and benefits. Everyone in the Pax should be doing this.

Foam rolling hurts.

Foam rolling your IT band should be a form of torture.

Bugeater had his beach towel out…claimed he used it to wipe away sweat from his pre-run with Boutique and Stone Cold…most likely those were tears he wiped away.

There were no jokes about YHC’s tiny foam roller this time (see note above about missing site Q).

8 guys performing self-myofascial release on Church grounds sounds worse than it really is.


  • Overwhelm Gummy. Sign up for MudRun.
  • DayZero Challenge this Saturday


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9 years ago

Yikes. You guys all got facials?

9 years ago

Make sure there’s a preblast when everybody’s getting a massage

Stage Coach
9 years ago

Haze – There were jokes. You just didn’t hear them.

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