The Crescent Moon Hopper

  • When:06/19/14
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Waterseal, Gecko, Fast Times, Hacker, Ironhorse, Lex Luthor, Bushwood, Disco Duck, Steinbrenner, Morning After, Turnpike, Garbage Plate, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Starfish, Harley, Zima, Egypt (LIFO), Champagne, Kirk (Q)....missing one. sound off below

The Crescent Moon Hopper

It was a rather humid morning for 21 men, who set out to battle against themselves and attempt to conquer “The Crescent Moon Hopper”.  The name is a mix of two existing WIB workouts, which were combined, modified, and adapted to the AO at Olde Providence.  It was originally to be named “The modified and adapted Crescent Moon / Island Hopper…of death”, but due to character restrictions in the title (way less than 140) and legal concerns from having “of death” in the title, it was shortened.  Censorship!!  Fortunately, no one actually died, which is always a good thing.  I know that the puppet scale technically goes to 5, but no one wants a 5-puppet workout.

Quick digression into the history of the “Puppet scale”:  Months ago Ben Franklin Q’ed Ranger.  I happened to be there.  It descended into chaos when he wanted to push the pace and get in 4+ miles, while an FNG was struggling to keep up.  The workout split.  The comment fall out (LONG but definitely worth the read – see here: ) sparked the idea of a rating system for workouts, named after BF – the Angry Puppet – himself.  Dredd established that 5 Puppets = someone died, 4 puppets = merlot splash, etc.  I’d put today around a solid 3.

Part of why you post a Pre-Blast is to keep from typing it twice, so here it is:

I’m happy to report that, in addition to zero deaths, everyone completed two full cycles.  Most got in between 2-2.5.  I don’t think anyone got 3 full cycles.  So totals were:

Ran 1.9 miles (felt like more…just saying)
80-100 knees to elbows
80-100 squats
80-100 dips
80-100 jump ups
80-100 partner derkins
80-100 partner LBCs
80 jump lunges
80 burpees

All in, not an awful use of 45 minutes.


First off, props to Bugeater who’s given me a bit of rope to hang myself / try out some WIB-like workouts at Hydra this month.  Hate you’ve been on the IR for it, but I do appreciate it.  Hopefully everyone that’s been out for a few of these has figured out whether you love it or hate it – normally not a lot of in between.

I learned an important corollary to an old staying today.  It’s been said that, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS”.  Well today, I offer this sage advice to Q’s across F3, “If you can’t overwhelm them with exercises, baffle them with math”.  Doubling up the exercises at the ends of the circuit (moving from 20 to 40) confused everyone.  I have no idea how many burpees everyone did, so be sure to sound off below with your claims of 200+.

Egypt invited an FNG (no show), then he overslept and rolled in sometime at the end of our first cycle.  Welcome to Hydra!

Lots of Larry Birds out there – hopefully everyone felt pushed today.

I’ve been at this for a little over a year now, and it’s good to see guys that are pushing themselves and have moved from surviving the workouts to leading the pax.  Waterseal, Bushwood, and Steinbrenner being a few that I’ve noticed recently.  Keep it up!

Several out there made it to my Monday and Thursday Qs this week.  Much appreciated, gents.  Hopefully you got your money’s worth.  If not, I’m offering free refunds!  Exclamation points at the end of a paragraph!!!

Until next time,
– Kirk

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9 years ago

Exclamation points are like Uggs: both should be reserved for teenage girls.

9 years ago

Put me in the “love to hate it” crowd.

Good work this week Kirk on both Monday and Thursday….I will even give you partial credit for my Wednesday for inspiring Love Bug at yesterday’s Governator with the Pellyn Wood halfpipe idea.

Tclaps to my partner Waterseal…thanks for pushing me this morning.

Reply to  Starfish
9 years ago

Funny, I thought it was you who was pushing me. That’s what’s great about partner work. No one wants to let the other guy down, pushes both of you harder.

9 years ago

I think the missing pax is Gekko (sp?). Agree completey Waterseal – partner work makes you push a bit harder than normal. Also, backwards run uphill followed by a number of jump lunges and burpees still to be determined was most unsavory. Great workout and Q Kirk

Gordon Gekko
Gordon Gekko
Reply to  Champagne
9 years ago

Nope, I’m counted in the original #. Great workout, felt queasy at the top o’ the hill second lap – coulda been the humidity, coulda been puppet #3 class workout, coulda been trying to stay with partner Pulled Pork. Most likely it was all three combined.

9 years ago

Pain handout – check.

Way to bring it kirk. Twice in June with the WIB.

I think you left your mark on hydra.

Tiger Rag on Q next week for his first lead at Hydra.

I am sure he was poking around our back blasts to take a peek at our recent arsenal for his game planning. Look forward to what you have on your wienke TR.

Back in the gloom for me next week. Hiatus offered no gloom thrills.

9 years ago

Enjoyed it Kirk. Really liking the WIB style workouts. Also, math is hard when all you’re thinking about is not falling down as you are running backwards up a hill.

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