Devil’s Turn visits the highlands of Piper Glen

  • When:06/19/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Mall Cop and Wolfman for an early 5 mi at 5:00am Main event: Bratwurst, Turkey Leg (birthday today), Haggis, Horsehead, Hannibal, Hops, Frasier, Soft Pretzel, Fletch, FNG Silk (Wesley), Stumphugger, Tiger Rag, Tootie (LIFO), Honey Bee (Q)

Devil’s Turn visits the highlands of Piper Glen

16 men showed up to the Turn ready for action including two (Mall Cop and Wolfman who showed up at 5:00 for an extra early run).  The route was complex today and Stumphugger seemed to be the only PAX who actually read the preblast.  Luckily TR and Hops had the bright idea to bring chalk to mark the turns.  Marking each turn worked well for everyone except for Haggis and Frasier who chose to disregard and forge their own path.

Haggis was later found doing push-ups on the golf course by himself and Frasier was found wandering aimlessly around the intersection of Seton House Ln. and Seton House Ln.  However, they were found and the run continued.

It was later discovered that the PAX went one down at some point due to an emergent backblast which came upon Tootie mid-run.  This caused the first LIFO of the day.  Apparently, Thai food is not the ideal way to carb up before a morning run.

Welcome to FNG Wesley (Silk) to F3 and Devil’s Turn.  He got his name for both a smooth running stride and being a Lieutenant in the Army Paratroopers reserves (mostly the latter).  Since he is YHC’s neighbor, we hope to see him again in the gloom soon.  It seems he is also an accomplished ruck enthusiast so there is definitely a spot in F3 for him.  Aye!

The PAX seemed fulfilled by the hills of Piper Glen and this route (once mastered) may become a regular in the run up to the BRR where hill running prowess will be needed. Everyone put in a great effort and most seemed to have a running companion for some 2nd F action.

Great job all and finish the week strong!

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10 years ago

Aye! Excellent route, and I am pretty sure there is nothing as up and down in Charlotte that doesn’t repeat itself. I think we need to have a PR day here soon to get a baseline!

10 years ago

Aye. Good, challenging route. Thanks Honey Bee. Enjoyed the 2nd F with Fletch and then Soft Pretzel…it’s the 2nd F that makes the 1st F tolerable.

10 years ago

The hills in Piper Glen were relentless – good to be back at the turn! Solid work with Chalking the route on the fly Honey Bee!

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
10 years ago

The pax list should read 16 as YHC & Wolfman launched early @ 5:00 for 5 miles so I could get a run in before heading DR this morning. For the record we made a wrong turn on the regular route ourselves!

10 years ago

Nice Q and route setting HB. While it was tough (I about died when I saw that last hill on Old Course – wasn’t expecting it to be there!), it was a nice break in routine. Would definitely like to do it again. Not so much 2nd F for me – too busy huffing and puffing, but I’m feeling stronger each week. Great group of guys!

10 years ago

That was rough. I would have quit about 4.5 miles in if I were running solo – no doubt. That’s what’s great about these F3 runs – great push to keep you going until COT.

Ot sure where I got the sprint energy from for the last 1/4 mile but I quickly regretted it when I stopped. Almost harfed a possum biscuit on my new shoes.

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