Rising to Cane’s Challenge

  • When:06/11/14
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Abacus, Champagne, Cane, Clown Car, Strange Brew, Hannibal, Brushback, Soul Glow, Intel, Lobster Roll, Baracus, Blue Rhino, Outback, Iron Horse (WD), Swanson, Rehab (WB), Hacksaw, Crabcake, Mermaid (QIC)

Rising to Cane’s Challenge

Shovel flag planted firmly by Baracus. 19 men came to Anvil to learn that Cane had issued a firm challenge for YHC to make this a much more difficult Q than the last one at Bagpipe a few weeks ago. No pre-KB. Champagne pre-ran 3 miles. Disclaimer given and GO:

The thang:

Short mosey to 51 side parking lot for COP

  • SSH x10 (IC)
  • Mountain Climber x10 (IC)
  • Merkin x20 (IC)

Short mosey to long parking lot next to COP lot

The Beast

Sprint to 1st island: 6x called exercise. 2nd island: 6x called exercise. 3rd island: 6x called exercise. Turn around and repeat at islands. 6x called exercise at launch. Plan

6 stops/6x called exercise/6 repetitions for the Beast.  Called Exercises:

  • LBC
  • Merkin
  • Squat
  • Wide-arm Merkin
  • Burpee
  • Calf raises

Mosey across campus to the bottom of North Face. Plank to wait for PAX.

Triple Nickel

Run to top of North Face. 5x called exercise. Run around to get back to bottom. 5x called exercise. 5 repetitions for the Triple Nickel. Plank when done with each repetition to wait for PAX.  Exercises:

  • Merkin
  • Jump squat
  • Diamond merkin
  • Double merkin burpee,
  • #5 audible: run to top and keep going

Mosey toward pavilion. Plank before arrival to wait for PAX. Plank-o-rama: 6 inches/RLH/5 merkin/6 inches/LLH/5 merkin/regular/5 merkin/regular/10 merkin

3-exercise bench set

  • 15x step-up/jump up
  • 15x dip
  • 15x derkin


  • 10x step-up/jump up
  • 10x dip
  • 10xderkin


  • 5xstep-up/jump up
  • 5x dip
  • 5x derkin


Roll over for 60 LBC OYO

Plank in adjacent roadway for Merkin Set called in civilian cadence while remaining in plank between

  • 10x regular
  • 10x wide
  • 10x diamond
  • 10x CDD
  • 10x offset right
  • 10x offset left
  • 10x regular

All you got to launch lot


  • Heels to Heaven x20 (IC)
  • Protractor


Strong work by all PAX today. Cane, Lobster Roll, Intel, and Hannibal consistently leading the group. Strong work by Champagne to get through this one after a 3-miler. Good to see some of the newer faces with consistency: Rehab, Swanson, Brushback, and Outback to name a few. Iron Horse continues to set the bar for WDs. Solid work out there. The Beast-Triple Nickel-Bench Set trifecta was tough and definitely got the heart rate up. Not much down time today. No 10-counts. 1.9 miles total run. A pleasure to lead a fine group of men this morning. Thank you for the opportunity and for your leadership at this great AO Baracus. Again, strong work by all PAX. Hannibal took group out in prayer for BOM.

Cane told YHC it was a pretty good one today. Hard to wear Cane down as he is in fine shape and will compete in a sprint triathlon at Latta this weekend. Good luck my friend and if you need more difficulty than was doled out today, step up and take the Q.


  • F3 Olympics at South Charlotte Middle School Saturday. Check website for preblast/details.
  • F3 Pool Party Saturday: School’s Out, Summer In. 6:00-9:00. Bring a dish and $10/family. BYOB.
  • F3 Dads: Francis Beatty Park starting 06/21. Camping at Thunderbird. Low numbers for A51. Check website or weekly email for specifics.      

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9 years ago

I need to give Abacus credit as he also did the 3 mile prerun.

Great Q today Mermaid – I think we were in the 250+ area for merkins, but I was too smoked to keep count.

9 years ago

Nice Q, Mermaid. That was both a fun and hard workout, which is a tough combination to get right. You nailed it. Tired and sore and better for it.

9 years ago

Solid Q Mermaid. If Cane needs more than that then remind me to bail on his Q! My first experience with the North Face; it got its pound of flesh.

9 years ago

Sorry to leave Abacus out for pre-run. Glad you guys enjoyed it. North Face is no joke Brushback; never disappoints. Merkin count around 275 if you count the ones embedded in the burpees. Get those chests pumped up for the pool. Always a good group at Anvil.

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