11 – It’s one louder

  • When:06/05/2014
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong (LIFO), Bushwood, Scratch & Win, Champagne (run in), Cole Slaw, Lex Luthor, Hacker, Country Livin', Puddin' Pop, Garbage Plate, Escargot, Turnpike (FNG David Bradin), Kirk (Q - run in)

11 – It’s one louder

Hopefully everyone gets the reference, even if you haven’t seen “This is Spinal Tap”, which I  recommend.  Watch the clip.  Also, 12 (13?) of us did turn it up to 11 on this hot, muggy morning – perfect day to cut back on the running and sweat it out at the jungle gym.

The Thang:

Partner up and run to HT and back (+/- 1 mile)

Partner 1:  1 pull up, 2 merkins, 3 LBCs
Partner 2:  AMRAP mountain climbers

Flapjack with each partner performing exercises up to 11 (1/2/3, 2/4/6, 3/6/9…11/22/33)

Run to HT and back +/- 1 mile and continue the ladder back down

Partner 1:  10 pull ups, 20 merkins, 30 LBCs
Partner 2:  AMRAP squats

Flapjack on the way back down the ladder (9/18/27, 8/16/24…until time).



I’m told that confession is good for the soul, so I just want to get this out there:  I didn’t have a moleskine today, and in fact, I don’t even own a moleskine. There.  I said it.

We also didn’t get all the way back down the ladder.  Everyone completed to the top of the ladder (up through 11) and the 2nd mile run, and most got somewhere back down the ladder.  Pax completed somewhere around +/- 2 miles, 66-100 pull ups, 132-200 merkins, 198-300 LBCs.

I consider pull ups the great equalizer exercise: strength vs body weight. Country Livin’ was knocking them out and with decent form on #10.  That’s tough to maintain.  Good work!

We found DK, I think, when we arrived back at OP from the first mile.  He went solo up the ladder and then vanished.  I’m still not sure he was really there.  He and Bushwood got partnered up back at the playground, and then Bushwood flew through the ladder up.  Well done!

The humidity didn’t help anyone this morning with what is a tough workout.  This was my first non-core F3 workout a little over a year ago at WIB.  I never heard the phrase “modify as needed” that day, but I didn’t have a choice.  I’ve done this workout a couple of times since then, and it doesn’t get easier.  That’s why I keep coming back to it.  It stays the same, but hopefully you get stronger.

I hope that everyone got something out of today and enjoyed the style of this.  WIB-style workouts are typically love’em or hate’em.

If this was your first – yes, they are normally simple and repetitive, often with partners.  Yes, it pays to read the pre-blast.  And yes, it is up to you to push yourself – either to your own standards / abilities or to keep up (compete) with the guy next to you.  That latter one is typically where I land.  My 2nd WIB I was paired up with Sauerkraut.  “Unequally yoked” may be putting it mildly, but as I struggled to make it through, he pushed me to try harder and do more than I would have otherwise.  He completed all 240 decline merkins that day, while I did not…but I did more than I would have without him, which is why I like this style.
Iron sharpening iron.

If you were there this morning, feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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10 years ago

Wow – not much to say other than I’m completely smoked from this one. Great lead and look forward to doing it again – great way to measure yourself. And the humidity didn’t make it any easier. Solid first post for Turnpike.

10 years ago

Great workout! Just as I was starting to think I was finally getting back in shape from IR, I got reminded that I have a long way to go.

10 years ago

Ouch. Got WIBBY with it I see.

10 years ago

Yeah, great Q! I’m still trying to find DK…

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