• When:5/30/2014
  • QIC: Ribeye
  • The PAX: Mermaid, Escargot, Brushback, Senator Tressel, Decibel, Philmont, Boomer, Champagne, Abacus, Swanson, Frasier, Cadillac (KB), Rock Thrill, RunStopper, Black Beard, OutBack, Frehley's Comet (Respect), Madame Tussauds, Hannibal, Teddy, Udder, Checkpoint (Respect), Snowflake (Respect), Cane, Chelms aka TaterTot(KB & Paver), Ribeye


A glorious morning for 26 strong men of Centurion, who gave thanks to the Almighty and saluted the awe inspiring Old Glory SF gracing on the grounds of Charlotte Catholic. The men from parts Metro, TheFort and Area51formed up ranks and set off on an excursion to push their bodies to extreme to make and mold them into the men who will make a difference in this world.


The Legion Rolls out to Walsh Ave to Little Ave 5 Burpees OYO, then turn into Catholic’s Back Entrance 5 Burpees OYO bottom of hill. Up Hill to massive parking lot for COP


SSH x 15 in normal cadence 10 x double count high speed cadence

Prisoner Squat x 25 in cadence

Flutter x 20 in cadence

Merkins x 20 in cadence

Legion Rolls Out off Campus into Area 51

Bear Crawl up back entrance to Charlotte Catholic to Little Ave

Legion Halts @ Alzeihiemer Care Facililty sign Rock Hoppers x 20 in Cadence(Silent Count), backwards run up Little Ave to top of hill, Mountain Climbers in Cadence x 25(Q called on MC form concentrating on cadence; deserved it #cannotwalkandchewgumatthesametime)

The Legion Rolls On: Continue Little Ave & cross Carmel Road( Tiber)to another nondescript business park Look out for Cars Left and Right

Halt at fountain for Bulgrian Split Squats and Derkins

Left Leg x 10 Right Leg x 10 in cadence 10x derkins in cadence….The Legion Moves On: Form Ranks before crossing The Rubicon(Hwy 51) LBC x 15 in cadence, Cross the point of no return.

Partner Up Size Matters for Partner Carry 50yds, Flapjack

AL CARMICHAEL (thank you Spooky John)Visits Centurion: 4 exercises 4 sets of 10 every 25 yards/Speed Humps over estimated 100 yards. Sprint 100 yards back to starting position. Two unique courses setup for the set; One course 100 yards 4 speed-bumps on a flat level plain. 2nd course set on a sloping decline 4 humps over 100-150yards creating a solid uphill sprint back to starting position, Look out for Garbarge Truck(Hannibal’s Elephants)

Merkins,LBC,Sumo Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks  then plank up for six..Legion Rolls On back on Future Triple Nickel Hill Site, plank back up to form ranks, Plank then Dolly x 10 as six arrives.

Legion Run (aka Indian Run ) Carmel Commons Loop. Formed up 3 lines man in back of line sprints to front and leads until next man sprint to front to relieve and takes the lead.  Q’s line earned extra credit carrying Chelm’s Paver

Form Up Ranks as wait for Six, Freddie Mercury x15 in Cadence. Legion Heads Home for COT Excursion Complete

Church on the Streets (shout out in comments for more info to the Nation)
Mall Cops 2 yr Anniversary at the Rock
Spaghetti 6 6 mile friendship no drop becomes official June 7th great BRR run from Mint on Randolph to Muthaship & other parking decks
Billingsville Elementary sign up for race to win $10,000.00 Books
Hot Wing a graduate of Mission I’m Possible on Q Saturday go support if you can.


Awesome Morning. Awesome AO and Great mix of PAX from Area 51(all parts),Metro and TheFort. Centurion is becoming a weekly mini-convergence. Jamboree solidified my plans last week as he made a foray into the outer realms of Carmel Commons last week. I decided be great to see how coming in the other direction would pan out, however ran out of time and not able to unleash Mermaid’s Triple Nickel on the Carmel Commons Loop

The initial Q juice(extra adrenaline that miraculously flows at onset of a workout) ended after the backwards run uphill. As YHC focused on cadence his legs/feet,not exactly sure, were not moving well for MCs, Mumblechatter Escargot,Champagne and et al whipped YHC back into shape & rejuvenated YHC for the slog ahead. Mumblechatter works.

Big Shout Outs:  Boomer(My Sponsor) thank you for crossing over the DMZ from Metro to join us today. Strong Week for you Cycling preparing for 24hrs of Booty,SIB&Sweet6,Brick Work at Run&Gun,you have earned your vacation for next week.

Senator Tressel and Rock Thrill bringing it strong from the Fort. TClaps for the Men of Respect; TClaps for your max effort not your age, so solid: Checkpoint,Snowflake & Frehley’s Comet (I maybe missing 1 other respect) Simply Strong. Centurion is a great mix of Hates,Old and Respect all pushing one another.

RunStopper,Abacus and Frasier for hanging, encouraging and empowering the Six this morning. The Six thank you for not stopping and always churning to the PAX.  Chelms & Cadillac strong KB work and then Chelms bringing along your Paver for the road.Cadillac for stepping up and volunteering to partner carry YHC’s 233 pounds.

One Piece of Useless Roman Trivia Needed to survive 21st Century: Derived as PAX ran to avoid the charging Garbage Truck: Scipio kicked Hannibal’s(Not F3 A51’s Hannibal) Six at the Battle of Zama, Scipio lined his troops new formation which rendered the Hannibal’s mighty elephants obsolete. Amazing how a Garbarge Truck combined w/ AO site name can jar some unused trivia lodged deep in gray matter.

Snowflake pointed out during LBCs when a sweat angel forms on the asphalt and a PAX is wearing the F3 High Quality MUDGEAR (Buy one Now Online; because Mudgear Rocks & has best customer service in the World) I AM 3rd Race Jersey. The Image will imprint onto the sweat angel leaving the I am 3rd impression for all to see. Pretty Cool,look for it next time in the Gloom. Best after LBCs

Really had a blast today. Really hard to point out individual PAX today because the entire PAX bought it today. The PAX bought it to the AL Carmichael and the PAX kept it together thru out the 3 mile excursion pushing one another. It really was an honor to lead such a solid group of MEN. It was an Honor.

Thank you to Chelms and Escargot for giving me the opportunity to crossover the Metro/A51 DMZ and lead Centurion.


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10 years ago

Great Q Ribeye. Enjoy covering lots of ground today. Needed it after the F3golf outing yesterday. And thanks for the great send off.

10 years ago

Awesome use of the area. Glad to see us exploring the space and getting some miles at the same time. Nice lead! Smoker of a workout

10 years ago

Aye DryRub. Your discount code is in the mail!

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Good Q, Ribeye! I enjoyed seeing some new sights around Charlotte Catholic yesterday. I’ve been telling the locals here (Decibel is also from the Fort) about Centurion for a while now. You guys have a good thing going and it’s well worth the drive from Fort Mill. Aye!

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

A little worried when the Q started with “In cadence”, “Starting position – move” at the first COP but he quickly recovered and led us on a great beat down. I did not expect all the running or I might have left my birthday gift in the truck. For those wondering, the paver is just a poor/cheap man’s weight vest.

Are you sure Abacus wasn’t the six instead of encouraging the six?

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