I’m Thankful For…

  • When:05/26/2014
  • QIC: Splinter & Uncle Leo
  • The PAX: Alf, Donkey Kong, Schintzel, Young Love, Symba, OTannenbaum, Clunkin, Swanson, Big League Chew, Drop Thrill, Spielberg, Big Top, Hoursekeeping, Spackler, Joker, Slap Shot, Gummy, Purple Haze, Chunk, Prohibition , Voodo, Zip-a-dee, Uncle Leo (co-Q), Splinter (co-Q)

I’m Thankful For…

24 of Area 51’s finest toed the line for a Memorial Day Mini convergence at the site of The Matrix

The Thang:
Splinter lead:

Mosey jog to back lot & COP:

• Squats
• Merkins
• Mtn climbers
• Peter Parker’s

Jog to lair of the cinder blocks count off by 2’s and have each #2 grab a cinder blocks Mosey to lot by cars for some partner work with running and blocks
Partner 1 runs rap while partner 2 does called exercise. Flap jack and repeat for

• Squats
• Derkins on block
• Overhead press
• Flutter Press with block
• Hand-release merkins

Hand off to Uncle Leo for lead:

Mosey to field for Mary

• 1 minute plank
• 1 minute glute bridge
• Pencil roll right and left as called (crowd pleaser)
• Greg Louganis

The 300

• 25 x jump ropes
• 25 x merkins
• 25 x LBC
• 25 x jump squats
• 3x thru AFAP

Go back to the blocks for Catch me if you can – Partner 1 runs with block while Partner 2 does 5 burpees then runs to catch Partner 1. Trade off and repeat for a lap and a half around the filed

3 minutes remain so…

• 1 minute time hack across the field to jungle gym and wall
• Group 1 does 1 minute pull-ups AMAP
• Group 2 does 1 minute wall sit
• Flap jack



1) Splinter was calling on PAX early between exercises to name things they are thankful for, part of the Threshold challenge (watch Twitter for more on this). He seemed to stop doing that when we began the block work. YHC thinks everyone’s answer would have been “I’m thankful for O2”.

2) QOTD goes to Zip-a-dee when discussing how Group 1 should have been thankful for Group 2 moving the blocks across the field. Zip’s response without missing a beat was “I’m always thankful for a good #2”

3)  Great to have PAX from Basecamp and other sites join us at The Matrix today.

4) Always an honor to lead


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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Thanks Q’s for the great beatdown, I’m thankful I survived.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Also nice putting faces to nicknames as I’ve yet to meet quite a few of the guys I see post on here… until yesterday.

Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Way to push it drop thrill!

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Simba
9 years ago

Thanks brother. Thanks to whoever came and took my cinder block away from me! lol

9 years ago

The extra 15 minutes and double Q really made it feel like two workouts. Thankful for the fast guys coming back to pick up the stragglers. Joker helped speed us up.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Last night was my 3rd boot camp in 4 days… in the fartsack at 9:00 never happens but there I was last night. Good feeling being wiped out from hard work.

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