Breakfast is served: Nicaraguan Stew

  • When:05/16/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Mermaid, Prohibition, Chipotle, Champagne, Checkpoint, Purple Haze, Udder, Spackler, Semi-Gloss, Soft Pretzel, Abacus, Scabby, Jamboree, Rock Thrill, Escargot, Cole Slaw, Haggis, Blackbeard, Crab Cakes, Housekeeping, Rehab, My Sharona (WD), Caveman, BOG, MallCop, Dory, Cane, Package, Hops

Breakfast is served: Nicaraguan Stew

The SF was planted by Escargot, and 29 hearty souls from all over Area 51, The Fort & Metro descended on Centurion for a good-size portion of Nicaraguan Stew.  What?  More on that in the Moleskine.


Jog 1.5 laps around football stadium to far lot for COP

Merkins x 13 IC

Slow Squat x 13 IC

CDD x 13 IC

H-R Merkin x 13 IC

1-Legged Squat R x 10 IC

1-Legged Squat L x 10 IC

Run to natatorium lot for some slope work:

Lunge walk down

Backwards lunge walk up

Bearcrawl down

Backwards bearcrawl up

Burpee Broad Jump down

Bunny hop up

Quick-pace run to main HS entrance for the following:

BTW x 3

Peoples Chair w/overhead presses

BTW x 3

Peoples Chair w/overhead arm raises

Jog to main lot for following:

Sprint to first pole, 5 H-R Merkins

Sprint to 2nd pole, 10 H-R Merkins

Sprint back to first pole, 5 H-R Merkins

Sprint to first pole, 10 LBCs

Sprint to 2nd pole, 20 LBCs

Circle up for Mary:

High Slow Flutter x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13

Makthar Ndjiaye x 10

Run around football stadium

Dolly x 13


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Was great for YHC to be off IR officially and, as always, was a privilege to Q alongside the Centurion pax.  With the combination of just 2 days removed from a trip to Nicaragua and coming off IR – hope the workout was worth the forsaking of the fartsack.

Some particularly strong running noted on the part of Checkpoint, Dory, Mermaid, Cane, Jamboree, Cole Slaw, Udder (when he wasn’t holding back), RT (when he brought it fully)…and a few others I can’t remember.

Escargot, despite a gut full of Nicaraguan stew, was doing some strong work on the natatorium hill.  As an aside, if you ever need construction help – call Escargot – amazing what he did in Nicaragua.  Checkpoint was also fearless in doing great work while suspended from the bridge.  It was humbling to be a part of that.  Check with the 3 of us, Iron Horse, BTB, DK or Dozer if you’d like to hear more about the Bridge to La Flor.

Good to have Spackler as FNG to Centurion despite his constant bellyaching about the drive from SE Area 51 to SW Area 51.  Many whiny returns Spackler.

Thanks also to MC for calling out my less-than-perfect plank form after I admonished the pax to watch their form. #notaprofessional  #doasisaynotasido





3-week KB Tutorial by Byron starts Saturday at 6am at The Rock

Signup for F3 Golf – just a few spots left

F3 Dads starts Saturday, 6/14 at 9am at Col. Francis Beatty Park

Ballantyne Doubledown – Stonehenge at 6am; Ballantyne 5K at 7:30ish

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10 years ago

Tough workout Hops, you brought some pain, as always. Sounds like great work you guys did on the bridge. Another strong KB Q from Champagne. KB crew: Mermaid, Cane, Champagne, PHaze, Semi-Gloss, Abacus, Mall Cop. Happy birthday to Escargot tomorrow.

10 years ago

Glad you shook the sharts and got back on the horse.

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great workout Hops, & great to have you back out off IR! Can’t wait to hear more about the Nicaragua trip and all you guys accomplished and how the experience affected each of you.

Champagne, you brought the pain with the kettle bell pre-workout this morning too. Loved the kettle bell deck squats!

10 years ago

I can see why Centurion is gaining popularity. Great site – many options. Still think you somehow gotta get on that nice field. I’m pretty sure I was one of those you ‘forgot’ about showing outstanding effort out there today. Except for on Ballz to Wall. Daddy don’t do that.

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