100-Count Stupidity

  • When:05/15/14
  • QIC: Donkey Kong
  • The PAX: Waterseal, Brisket, Coleslaw, Gummie, Cheese Curd, Puddin Pop, Hopper, Sunrise, Escargot, Country Livin, Rishard, Starfish, Yankee, Garbage Plate, Morning After, Deep Dish, Wolfman, Donkey Kong

100-Count Stupidity

17 Pax showed up on time and ready to go, all bright-eyed and bushyy-tailed. The Q was nowhere in sight. Some enterprising and emboldened fellow took it upon himself to lead the Pax over to the field for a quick warm-up while the Q showed up 30 seconds behind schedule.

The Thang:

Side Straddle Hops x #SomeIndeterminateNumber

Q arrives, let the commentary and snarkiness commence. The Q felt the need to punish himself for being late, the Pax came along for the ride. All 100 counts were on-your-own with planking when completed while waiting for others to finish.

Burpees x 100

Flutter Kicks x 100

Squats x 100

Dolly x 100

Bear Crawls x 100 (Each forward hand movement is one count)

Lunge Walks x 100

Crab Crawls x 100 (Each backwards hand movement is one count)

LBC’s x 100

Backwards Bear Crawls x 100 (Each backwards foot movement is one count)

Plank x 100-Count (Thanks to the unknown pax who was called out to give the count)

Merkins x 100

Plank-O-Rama while the Q finishes his merkins. #Ouch

Run lap around school to parking lot

Imperial Walkers x 100

Side-Straddle Hops x 100


Individual Rep Count – 1200 (Not counting plank count and warm-up SSH’s)


Nice work today, everybody was pushing hard and crushing those 100-counts. The Q lacked imagination this morning and did not want to have to remember individual counts. The Q is also terribly apologetic for being 30 seconds late, he was busy purging a stomach virus so as to save the pax from a potential biohazard attack. Sound off in the comments below with any observations or noteworthy moments from the workout, I’m a bit fuzzy on the details.


Today is the last day to sign up for the F3 Golf event. Do it today.

– DK

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9 years ago

We didn’t head out for the warmup until 5:32 – confirmed by several watches. You only missed 20 SSHs. We appreciate you taking care of business before you showed up.

As much as I hated parts of that workout, it was interesting to go through the same thing in my head every time you called out a new 100 count. “I’m not going to do 100 burpeess. I’ll just stop when I feel like it. Well, I’ve already done 50. I’ll do 10 more. Rest for a few secs. Ok, 5 more.” Repeat that for awhile. “That’s 90. Seems like I should finish.” Every time I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish and I did. Good stuff.

9 years ago

Think I have the same Nicaraguan stomach stew…unfortunately mine attacked 1/2 way through the trek at DT. IH feeling the same effects. Worth every visit to the baƱo though.

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Steady regiment of Imodium here too. Better here in the comforts of the first world, than there. Totally worth it.

9 years ago

Sorry I missed the 100 everything’s. On IR per doctors orders for my Achilles. If pain free after next week I can ease back in. No more playing basketball in flip flops. I guess it was okay when 12 and weighed 70 lbs. get north of 40 and not advise able!!

Mallcop up next week for hydra!

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