Chelms Birthday Bash

  • When:05/02/14
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Chelms aka tater tot, Madame Tussaud, Jekyll, Hannibal, Haggis, Wingman, Mighty Mite (WB), Mic Check, Frasier, Soft Pretzel, Package, Cane, Prohibition, Champagne, Abacus, Cadillac, My Sharona (WD), Chipotle, Loogie, Dirty Diana, Black Beard, Purple Haze, Scabby, Mermaid

Chelms Birthday Bash

Chelms Paver

(Posted on behalf of Mermaid)

Chelms turned 49 this week. After disclaimer was given, Chelms was presented with a custom F3 emblazened brick paver for his bday present. Then the party started.


Mosey up past school to 51 and cross at south end of shopping center

Circle up in parking lot


SSH x49 (IC)

Burpee Tabata

49 seconds burpees/11 seconds rest

Repeat 3x for 4 minute tabata


Mosey to Palatine Hill

Triple Nickel

Run up hill. 5x merkin (Abacus called)

Run down hill. 5x squat (Chelms called): 1 rep

5 reps

Plank to wait for PAX to finish

Plank-o-rama: RAH/LAH/Swap/6 inches/9 count/Regular/9 count/6 inches/9 count/regular/9 count

(4-9 counts)

Mosey to Jack-in-the-Box parking lot


Mosey to front of school picnic tables

3 exercise set: 15xstep-up/19xdip/15xderkin (49 total)



Mosey to entrance for Ramp/Wall-Walk/Step set

Split into 3 groups

Wall walk down wall

Broad jump up ramp

Bear crawl back down to stairs

Plank-o-rama: approx 90 seconds plank work with 9 counts with 10 merkin at end

Mosey to lower lot

Baby Beast

Start with 3x called exercise

Run to 2nd light/3x called exercise (rd 1/ rd 2 and 3 to 1st light)

Run back to start/ 3x called exercise


2-Double Double Burpee (2 press/2 jump)

3-Chelms called: 49 Dollies (IC)

Partner Merkins

Plank while partner does merkins/ 1:1 through 10:10

55 per partner

49 Squat (OYO)

All you got to launch lot for Mary (100 yard sprint)

Bicycle x20 (IC)

Flutter (Chelms call) x20 (IC)

10 Burpees OYO


An enjoyable party to celebrate Chelms 49th. He was given the option to hand off the birthday brick at any time, but, to my knowledge, chose not to. Strong work. YHC appreciates the leadership that Chelms provides at #F3Centurion and felt privileged to throw the party. Solid group of men out there this morning. Good work by all PAX. 1.8 miles total run. YHC smoked at end of 45 minutes. Had trouble calling Mary cadence and trying to suck wind at the same time. Truly a pleasure and blessing to lead a fine group this morning. YHC took us out in BOM.


•A51 Tutoring. Champagne and Frasier are seeking interested PAX for fall 2014 tutoring at a S. Charlotte school TBD. Contact Champagne if interested:   Looking for 15-20 PAX.

•Bike Ride. Bring your 2.0’s to Francis Beatty Park June 14th from 0800-1200 for a ride. Check website for additional information.

•3rd F: The Stand at Panera at Carmel Corners. Purple Haze and Champagne on Q. Every Friday. Started a new book today: How God Makes Men. All welcome. Come with or without book.



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10 years ago

Happy birthday Chelms. I’d call you an old man, but you’re still faster than me. Not stronger, just faster!

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Stoli
10 years ago

Miss seeing you brother. You would have enjoyed this one since I was the only one with a coupon. I did start with a small group at 5 (well, 5:10) doing KB so don’t get content with your current strength advantage. Old men take motivation in trying to put young whippersnappers in their place.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Mermaid – I appreciate (for the most part) the birthday gift. There was no way I was going to let another man touch that paver. I was thinking of ways to return the favor for the entire 45 minutes.

PH – Thanks for props. Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t cheat on the burpees but I did not cheat on the dollies.

Also, I heard a fair number of wise cracks (mainly from Abacus, my own blood brother,although he may be adopted based on how he runs) about my “age”. However, I’d like to point out that I was at the front on all the runs. Must feel pretty bad looking at the backside of a 49 year old man, especially when you see him heaving a paver up and down the entire time.

It was a great morning. And now I have the #firewood for my next Q at Centurion.

10 years ago

Ok Chelms, just quit your belly aching. You should feel fortunate the PAX celebrated your birthday all week long. Most people only get to celebrate one day if at all. We can all look forward to 04/28/2015 when you achieve Respect. Don’t worry, I’ll remind everyone next year.

Another nice lead Mermaid. Consistently bring it when you Q.

10 years ago

Sorry I missed it Chelms. Happy Birthday. I will be missing this week as well, I am on the team going to Nicaragua.

Mermaid, sounds like a great Q. Great work! We need to start working on Cain to take the lead a few more days.

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