Counting lessons at The Rock

Counting lessons at The Rock


On this wonderful morning, eight brave, or uninformed, men showed up to run around Calvary.  I put the entire workout out there to read in the Pre-Blast (full disclosure as I know there are some FNGs on Saturdays – though I think only like 3 people posted that read the pre-blast), so here’s what we actually accomplished:

The Thang:

COP – SSH, Merkins, LBCs, Wide Arms, IWs (maybe to 4…more later), Squats, Diamonds, Boone LBCs (all x21 – merkins single count, everything else IC)

Mosey to Hwy 51 entrance #1 for 7s: Burpees & Wide Arms CDDs

Short mosey to Hwy 51 exit #1 for 7s (bear crawl): CDDs Knee Ups & wide arms merkins

Mosey to Hwy 51 entrance #2 for 7s (backwards run): Squats & jump lunges

Short mosey to Hwy 51 exit #2 for 7s: CDDs Wide Arms & Burpees LBCs

Long mosey to Rea Rd exit #2 for 7s (partner carry): partner sit ups & partner decline merkins

Short mosey to Rea Rd entrance #2 for 7s (backwards run): jump lunges & squats

Mosey up the hill to Rea Rd exit #1 for 7s: Diamonds & Double Burpees

Short mosey to North Face for 70s (exercise at top or bottom):

70 flutters
70 squats
70 merkins
70 LBCs
70 SSH
70 Knee Ups
70 Burpees

AYG sprint up the North Face and back to COT – finished at 8:00


Inspiration for this workout came from Matthew 18 : 21-22

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven.”

So in Sesame Street parlance, the number of the day was seven.  We didn’t get through all seven of the planned 7s, but we still got in a decent workout.  GPS had it at just under 2.5 miles total, but we kept the heart rate up for the full hour.  I hate we missed out on the 70 burpee finisher.

Bear crawl / crab walk are like arugula to me – hate them, so I had to include a set during the 7s.  About 1/3 of the way through that set, there was an audible to lunge walk a one, then another audible to karaoke.  Not fun.  The backwards set with jump lunges will make another appearance, perhaps soon.  That was good.

Q-Fail of the day:  Counting on Imperial Walkers.  Wow did I screw that up!  Skywalker tried to save it, but it was done.  Hopefully the low point of the workout happened 2 minutes into it.

It seemed like everyone out there pushed it.  Agony pushed me the entire time on the runs.  Deep Dish almost pushed a car that ran out of gas, but instead drove to get the man gas.  Good Samaritan avoids the LIFO tag.

I’ve got the Q at DMZ on Monday.  My old Monday workout (HeHateMe) is now defunct, so in honor, I’ve planned a “Best of HeHateMe” with memorable moments from Qs by Nash, Gandalf, Boone, Denali, etc.  I plan for it to be the toughest workout you will do all week.

Thanks to Mall Cop & Hops for giving me the Q, and Runstopper for going out of town so that I could take it this week.


If you haven’t, sign up for F3 Golf.  It’s going to be a good time, so trust me that you’d rather be there than have to hear about it.

A new moderate workout is starting on Thursdays.  I didn’t write down more, so check the website.

Black Widow officially launced at Trinity on Providence.  I guess it’s officially Metro, but close enough to the line of demarcation to include here.

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10 years ago

After that beat down no need to even acknowledge the counting. It was a distant memory. Great Q.

Stone Cold
10 years ago

Great workout there, Kirk! Definitely felt that one yesterday,a needed day of rest. Did anyone else notice that the Prius guy was still in the same spot even after Deep Dish took him to get gas. What was up with that? #lemon or #usererror

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