You can do anything for 30 seconds

You can do anything for 30 seconds

5 pax showed up for what was to be a fairly moist morning at Day Zero.  There was some talk about just heading straight over to Starbucks and making up a solid workout for the backblast.  I would have done it and I’m sure that shocks everyone.  But since Frasier loves the rain so much we decided to push onward.

The Thang

Frasier Q –

Jog around fields at McAlpine with a little high knees, butt kickers etc and circle up at the basketball courts.

SSH x 25

Slow Squat x 25

Mtn Climbers  x 20

Wide Arm Merkin, Regular, Diamond – all x 10 in cadence

Grab a rock and split into 2 groups

Group 1 run around school while group 2 does wall merkins to ballz to wall – flapjack

Group 1 run / Group 2 does rock burpees – flapjack

Group 1 run / Group 2 does 10 step ups per leg, 20 decline merkins and 20 flutters – flapjack

Group 1 run / Group 2 – 8 one legged burpees, 10 one legged squats per leg, 20 incline merkins – flapjack

Group 1 run / Group 2 – 10 one legged squats, 20 something else and 10 Indian style get ups (?) – flapjack

Spackler Q

Indian Run to Radars house.

Top of hill 10 diamond merkins / bottom 20 diamond merkins x 2


Top of hill 10 CDD’s / bottom 20 CDD’s  X 2

Grab punching bag from Radars house and Indian Run back to school

Each pax punches, kicks, slaps (Bugeater), knees..whatever…the punching bag while the rest of the pax does Mary (Dolly, Flutter, Rosalita, Backscratcher, J Lo) – 2 rounds – 1 minute then x 30 sec each pax


Let’s be honest.  No one wanted to be there this morning.  But in the end it wasn’t that bad.  I can say that after last night, it ended up being good for a few of us to sweat out some extra curriculars. Bugeater was very quiet today.  He must have gotten after it last night.  And speaking of Bug, poor guy was partnered with Turkey Leg on Tuesday and Frasier today for running exercises.  Man you gotta wiggle your way towards the slow guys.  I expected Purple Haze to have some weaker legs after his date last night but he was strong today so we all know what that means #strikeout.  Thought bringing out the punching bag was a great idea until the Indian run carrying it back to the school.  Haze made the comment that it weighed more than him – nothing to brag about.  Once the rest of us got tired of carrying it, Mighty Mite stepped up as expected and carried it the rest of the way for us.  Was fun beating the crap out of that thing.  If there was one performance on the punching bag that would prove someone needs to travel with back up to a scrum, Bug would win that award.  As always, thanks for letting a degenerate like myself lead.


YHC learned the word ‘Queer’ cannot be retweeted.

Check other backblasts for detailed announcements.  I’m tired.  And lazy.




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9 years ago

Spackler – you’re a funny man. Yet thankful they broke and burnt the mold.

9 years ago

Nice Spackler.

I was humbly reminded that Frasier and Turkey Leg run in beast mode. I have received my wake up call that I need to hang up my winter legs and put my BRR legs on.

And I guess I need to go find my manhood. It has apparently been misplaced. I think I will watch Gladiator in repeat mode for the duration of the weekend. And to replace the sad visual you have painted into the minds of the one or two readers of this BB, my fists were closed. There was no open hand slapping of any kind going on. #noprizefighter

Nice workout gents. Until next time.

Mighty Mite
9 years ago

Next time we use the punching bag, Bug should pretend he is Bo Pelini and the bag is a Nebraska fan that left the game early.

9 years ago

boomer sooner will pay the piper and i will want my man card back. And polini comment hilarious. Could also pretend the bag is a player who has botched a play. #toughlovepolini

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