Bringing some Country to Skunk Works

Bringing some Country to Skunk Works

27 pax ventured out of the shadows for a good dose of Skunk Works with a country twist.


SSH X 15
Merkin X 15
KB Curls X 15

Mozy to driveway:
Partner up(same weight) & prep. for farmer carry. Running & 7 burpees.

Finish at Lot:
Hold onto partners!!!
Bottom of hill: called exercise
100 between both

Set #1 Abs:
Lou Ganis(sp?) X 100

Set #2 Biceps:
KB Curls X 100

Set #3 Triceps:
Skull crushers X 100

Set #4 Chest:
Merkins (on KBs if brave) X 100

Set #5 Shoulders:
Presses X 100
Run up hill backward

Set #6 Legs:
Goblet KB Squat X 100
Run up hill backward

Mozy back to Flag Pole:

•Press/curl jack webb. 1 press/4 curls to 5/20.
•15 Mountain Climbers
•Press/curl jack webb. 1 press/4 curls from 5/20 down to 1/4.


IMO everyone should Q a workout within 3-6 months of coming as a FNG. When I was asked to Q last week I almost wet my pants. I never finish near the front of the pack, I usually have no clue who anyone else is & as soon as the workout is over I’m ready to leave. But Q-ing changed that today. My adrenaline kicked in about 2:30 this morning & I couldn’t sleep for fear of fart sacking on the day I was called to Q. It’s a healthy weight placed on the shoulders of the Q as I knew I had to push 20-30 men who were more fit, experienced & my elder. While Q-ing today I didn’t get out of breath, or fatigued once. I’m sure it’ll catch up to me around 9:00am or so. But I felt like I was able to lead men. And sure, it’s only a workout but that translates. If I can lead men at 5:30am through a workout that I can typically barely complete myself, I instantly feel equipped to lead my family better. I instantly feel like I can be a better leader in my work place. And I feel that I can lead better for Christ.

So thanks so much for the opportunity to Q this morning. I can’t wait for the next time. And I also can’t wait to not be able to feel my arms around 9:00am this morning when the adrenaline wears off.

Country Livin’

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10 years ago

Nice work Country Livin’! The KB Jack Webb was a nice addition. If you are a skunkworks regular, let me know if you are interested in leading.

10 years ago

Skunkworks will be sponsoring a hole at the golf tourney, we committed to $100 but can do more. I will collect cash and pay out. Already have Chanel, Cottonmouth and me. Easiest way to get me cash is to send it electronically (don’t be afraid of technology). If you bank with Wells Fargo or Bank of America, you can go online and look for something called SurePay, send the payment to my email at, you will need to put in name as Michael Jordan (just like the hoops player). Sound off if you plan to just give me cash.

Hair Band
10 years ago

That was a great beatdown!

Something I need to keep a mental note of though… A slow runner like me should not team up with Swiss Miss on catch me if you can type things. I was trying to catch up and thought I passed him in the gloom when I passed a crowd, then realized he was about 20 yards ahead of everyone!

Outside of that it was a great kb workout, Goblet squat/backward run created a lot of chatter and Jack Webbs at the end was brutal.

10 years ago

Picked a bad day to work on my #PencilArms at FT. Not only because this looks like a smart first Q and challenging workout, but also because Runstopper came attired in what amounted to full body spandex.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

I decided to taper today and skip FT for Skunk. Gotta get ready for the mudrun.

10 years ago

BD, I knew that pic would resurface at some point! It’s not how you got your six pack, just that you have a six pack! Btw, Country Livin’, great Q brother! Lunkheads rejoiced this morning!

10 years ago

I accidentally flexed my left arm on the ride to work . . . shattered my truck window.

– HH

10 years ago

HH- I flexed my bicep on purpose and shattered the hearts of women everywhere!

10 years ago

BD, that was back when I was ripped son! I didn’t think you’d recognize me with the stache. Great Q Country Livin’! My legs were jello for a solid couple of hours from those backward hill climbs!

Fireman Ed
10 years ago

Great job today Country Livin, I definitely was spent doing that hill work today. Thank you for the pick now I know what I have to do to get a 6 pack.

Lab Rat
10 years ago

Great Q Country Livin! My cup of coffee never felt heavier. I agree with your thought: “And I feel that I can lead better for Christ.” AYE!

The Hoff
10 years ago

Country…nice Q brother. I especially appreciate all the bicep work…I’ve got a 55lbs KB with your name on it when you are ready! It was also nice to hear how you felt in your second Q today and it was nice to witness. We are that the “Q Adrenaline”…#beastmode. It’s a great high boost you get when leading. Needless-to-say, I’ll be stealing your Overhead Press/Bicep Curl Jack Webb for Olympus on Sat (Olympus Plug…if you want a full hour-long Kettle Bell beat down, come out and see what we are all about…Elizabeth Lane Elementary 07:00).

T-Claps to Brown who not only posted after having Flu, but decided to step up the KB to 50Lbs. Take note…if the Pax wants Guns then upgrade those bells :).

Finally, about the Brew Ruck. I said I’d post information. You don’t need to be a Rucker at all. You can come out for all or a portion of the event. We have partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank and will be running a canned food drive that day. So come Ruck for a purpose, May 17th, 11;00 launching from Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. Check out our Facebook page and let us know if you are interested in coming.

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