What happens at Anvil stays at Anvil (not really)

What happens at Anvil stays at Anvil (not really)

Another cold morning in the gloom.  At least one person declared that this morning represents their last sub-30 degree workout for the season.  We shall see!

The Thang

10 burpees OYO

Jog to parking lot near soccer fields for COP

  • SSH x25
  • IW x25
  • Squat x25
  • Merkin x15

Jog to shelter and partner up (size kinda matters)

  • Decline merkins / peoples chair (Partner 1 in peoples chair / Partner 2 does 25 decline merkins with feet on partners knees)
  • Tricep dips / peoples chair (Partner 1 in peoples chair / Partner 2 does 25 tricep dips on partners knees)
  • Sit-ups / Plank (Partner 1 planks with hands on Partner 2 feet / Partner 2 does 25 sit-ups)
  • Shoulder press / Plank with hands on seat of picnic table (Partner 1 planks with hands on bench / Partner 2 sits between Partner 1 legs, facing away, and will lift Partner 1’s legs (by the shins) over head.
  • Dead lift / Plank with hands onon seat of picnic table (Partner 1 planks with hands on bench / Partner 2 stands between Partner 1 legs and lifts legs toward shoulders)

Jog to the rock pile near baseball field, grab a rock per partner set and mosey to nearby parking lot

Partner Rock Exercises (One runs about 100 yds / One works, flapjack, repeat exercise 2x each)

  • Squats
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Overhead Press
  • LBC


I think the cold weather may be having an effect on the pax these days, as it seemed many were a little more punchy than usual this morning.  After a few burpees to get the blood moving we set out on a scenic tour of the Calvary parking lot, only to end a few yards from where we started.

We wrapped up COP in front of the picnic shelter and made our way to the covered area for some partner exercises and some serious 2nd F.  YHC decided to bring a few experimental exercises to Anvil, and I think we found some new crowd favorites.   While the first few were fairly easy to explain, a couple required some demonstration.  Hannibal’s camouflage pants didn’t work here as I selected him to be my assistant.  When I instructed him to assume the position against the picnic table and spread his legs, the mumblechatter erupted among the other pax…but I’m still not quite sure why.  #moonriver  In the midst of all this, Young Love said “when you said it was a partner workout, I didn’t realize it was BYO.”   Hey brother, this is about deepening your relationship with a fellow member of the pax.  I unfortunately had to do my exercises on my own instead of following Strange Brew’s advice to send someone home to maintain even  numbers.  And to whoever asked if these were FiA inspired exercises, I’m sorry to disappoint, but the answer is they came from Metro.

Great work by everyone out there today, in particular I need to give Intel a shout out.  Strong work on the running part of the workout brother…you were a beast out there!  Finally, welcome to our newest pax Rehab.  I hope you enjoyed the workout this morning and will come out again.  Just forget everything you heard and saw under the shelter.

Always an honor to lead you men!


  • BOG is a hard commit for the BRR, which completes our fourth team!!  Keep the recruiting going because I expect we may see a few get hurt or drop out.  Otherwise we can combine with other areas to fill up a team.
  • Abacus again wanted to express thanks to the pax for support of the Brain Tumor Race.  Over $7K raised in just a few weeks!
  • HDHH tonight at the Lodge…6pm

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10 years ago

Proud of you BOG for the HC to the BRR….early b-day gift for the big 5-0!

Purple Haze
10 years ago

I feel so ashamed.

Purple Haze
Reply to  Baracus
10 years ago

Not a very helpful comment BA.

10 years ago

Why do I think this workout will be remembered and potentially talked about for quite some time?

10 years ago

After reading this, I am very comfortable with my decision to post at DV today.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

– HH

10 years ago

Another strong Q Baracus. Things were just a little weird under the cover of the shelter. Did not help that my partner outweighed me by 70lbs, but we made it work, mostly. T-claps to Intel and Cane for setting a blistering pace on the partner runs/rock work.

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