Deck Squats

Deck Squats

20 guys left Death Valley today felling strong and buff.

Start off with a little jog, high knees, butt kicks and karaoke around the parking lot.


  • Arm Circles – Forward, Backward, small and large circles
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Plank walk CW/CCW – There was some confusion by YHC on whether CCW meant left or right
  • Plank Jacks x 20
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Deck Squats x 10 (There was a motion to rename those to spine grinder)
  • SSH x 24
  • IW x 26


Head toward the baseball field, but stop at the steps for:

  • Partner wheel barrow up the steps x 2 rounds each pax
  • Partner over/under x 10 each pax

Mosey over to the bleachers.


Round 1:

  • Jump Squats x 20
  • CDD x 20
  • Step ups x 20 each leg
  • Complete 3 rounds
  • AFTER the 3rd round, run 1 lap on track around baseball      field

Round 2:

  • Diamond Merkins x 20
  • Deck Squats x 20 (op out is 50 LBC’s)
  • Merkin Jacks x 20
  • Complete 3 rounds
  • AFTER the 3rd round, run 1 lap on track around baseball field

Lastly, 5 x 1 legged burpees on each leg.



  • First of all, what was up with Wofman’s head gear this morning.  I literally couldn’t even see any skin on his face.  I had to ask who it was???
  • The puzzled looks on everyone’s faces this morning was priceless when I started COP with arm circles.  I thought warming the shoulders up was a good idea knowing the plank work to follow.
  • And on the plank walk, I must have been delirious when I couldn’t even get the CCW part straight.  In my defense, it seems different when you are horizontal instead of vertical.
  • There was a motion to rename the deck squat to spine grinder.  I would be in favor.
  • Someone said YHC had been on you tube last night to find the deck squats.  And I think someone (Spackler maybe?) used one of Long Distance’s phrases, “I’m not doing that.”  Of course I can’t incorporate the accent into the text.
  • The wheel barrow up the steps might have been difficult, but I saved everyone from DK’s calls for bear crawling down the steps.
  • Somehow, the chatty crowd quieted down when we got to the bleachers.  It must have been the seemingly 400 step ups we did.  Or maybe guys were busy counting so they could be sure they were NOT cheating.
  • Again, 20 step ups each leg….and the lap is after the 3rd round only…and the lap is up the steps and on the gravel road around the perimeter of the baseball field.


  • Two new 3rd F groups starting soon.  One in the Southpark area and one in Ballentyne.  Both will be lunch time.  Look for these announcements in the weekly email.
  • F3 has reserved several tables for the annual YMCA community prayer breakfast on Thursday, April 24.  Cougar from the Metro region is organizing.
  • F3 golf – still plenty of sponsorship opportunities.  See Cottonmouth for details.

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10 years ago

Spine grinders and one legged burpees should be banned. As should the clockwise/counter plank walk.

10 years ago

the plan walk clockwise and counterclockwise — earliest I’ve had muscle failure in a workout in a long time. yikes.
someone remind me to wear a head lamp next time I post at DV. forgot how dark that AO is, especially on the path behind the ball diamond
good Q Stagecoach

10 years ago

Why were you running by yourself? Did you forget something and finish early at the bleachers?

– HH

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