Sandbagging It

ByGeraldo Jul 1, 2021

Dora and I  pulled into the parking lot only to find Tiger Rag's family truckster in the bus lot. Wild Turkey then pulled. Tiger Rag returned fr

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Burpees and Ruck-Runs

ByDonkey Kong Nov 21, 2014

3 men gathered in the cold gloom for a slow-grind beatdown. Nice and simple. The Thang: Run to field for warmup without rucks on: SSH x 25 Im

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Area 51 9/11 Convergence – Never Forget

ByBugeater Sep 11, 2014

F3 brothers from Charlotte, Winston Salem and Raleigh were all represented among the 89 who joined in today's workout that went something like


Area 51 9/11 convergence preblast

ByBugeater Sep 9, 2014

  On September 11, 2001 you know where you were. You will never forget it. We are asked to never forget.  What we saw, how we felt, and

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71…Nuff Said

ByThe Hoff Jul 11, 2014

Today was a special day for SPEARHEAD.  We were honored to be able to celebrate Angler's 71st Birthday a little early this week and were welcome


Star-Spangled Beatdown in Area51

ByHops Jul 4, 2014

Several SFs were firmly planted in the blessed free soil and 63 All-Americans broke into 3 groups for 3 distinct doses of pain. The Thang: COP

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IRON MILE as a Pre-Workout?

ByThe Hoff Jun 27, 2014

7 men seeking next level CSAUP stuff gathered at SPEARHEAD this morning and literally pushed weights plates for a Mile with a minimum of 45LBS Ru


This work out needs a Patch

ByThe Hoff Jun 20, 2014

Said SH Alumn Culkin as we were laying on the asphalt passing the scorchingly hot weight plate that had a foul smell of burnt rubber and sparks c

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Parachute Sprints, a Fire Hose and Gear at SPEARHEAD?

ByThe Hoff Jun 6, 2014

SPEARHEAD brought out some today today and headed in a new direction as 9 Pax were welcomed to a 15 station rotation featuring a lot of gea



ByThe Hoff Jun 5, 2014

Tomorrow morning, SPEARHEAD is shaking things up and going GEAR.  If you don't have a Ruck,no problem.  If you want to get a totally different,

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