Skunkworks – Unleash the Beast

Skunkworks – Unleash the Beast

26 of Area 51’s finest created a love/hate relationship with their kettlebell.

The Thang:

Rack KB’s and mosey to the lower parking lot for warm up.
SSH x 25
IW x 20

Let’s get right to it!

Partner up by KB size.
– Partner 1 does merkins while partner 2 does farmer carry to top of the hill and back. Flapjack until 100 merkins are completed.
– Partner 1 does squats while partner 2 does farmer carry to top of the hill and back. Flapjack until 200 squats are completed.
Partner 1 does CDD while partner 2 does farmer carry to top of the hill and back. Flapjack until 100 CDD’s are completed.

Rack KB and mosey back up to the field (No, we are not done!!)

Unleash the KB Beast!!
Line up and carry bell stopping at each of 3 cones, down and back, to complete called exercise. Completing 50 reps total of each exercise.
KB Curls x 10
KB Good Mornings x 10
KB Tricep Extension x 10
KB Lunge x 10
KB Upright Rows x 10
KB Sumo Squat x 10
Next exercise is…10 second count! (if you didn’t need one, get a bigger KB!)
KB Lawnmower Row x 10

1 minute of Mary: 50 LBC’s with KB OYO

Finally a relatively balmy gloom compared to weeks past. Good to be out in a TR uniform (tshirt and shorts). Just wait a couple days on that to change. Strong effort by everyone this morning with two new twists on KB exercises. Just like I thought, the pax took to it with no reservation and killed it out there! Not so much mumble chatter to begin with during farmer carry hill work. Probably due to shock and the hamstring/shoulder burn. The KB Beast left most of the pax shaking out the exhausted forearms. At one point, Bananas and TR were socializing like soccer moms during an aerobics class. Boo hoo for your poor knees, we’re all injured somewhere! As Toby Keith says, “A ‘lil less talk, and a lot more action!” Tclaps to Sussidio for getting in a run before the beat down and to Robin Hood for getting whatever weight he could find in his car to complete the workout and finish strong! Welcome FNG “Sajack”. Thanks for coming out and hanging in there brother! I hope you all enjoy the change of pace with heavy lifting (based on your KB size) from the running. I certainly enjoyed you allowing me to lead such an insane group of men. If you need a chiropractor or physical therapist, I know a fella.


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10 years ago

Lucky for sajack. Dodged Vanna and could have been Humpy. Nice Q Brown!

10 years ago

Never lacking in the creativity department in this group Bugs! Glad to see you out there with the smoke boots off gettin’ swoll!!!

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