Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

The Thang:

Brief warm-up lap with some SSHs, IWs

Catch Me If You Can: partner up; partner 1 does 10 merkins, while other partner runs toward destination.  Partner one finishes merkins and sprints to catch partner 2 to tag and flapjack.  Continue to bottom of Coburn hill (~1 mi).  Plank-o-rama while waiting.

Sprint burpee ladder up Coburn hill to 7.

Catch Me If You Can: from bottom of Coburn through Carrington up to 51; LBCs

Catch Me If You Can: up 51 back to the school; squat jumps

Team relay sprint across parking lot.

Mary: dollies, protractor

Mileage: 4.14mi

*except Chelms who only logged 3.85mi due to shortcuts


  • Good mix of sprint work and hills today, continuing the streak of off-campus workouts since I believe December.  Not sure when we’ll head back to the track
  • Spackler brought the smokeboots today, giving Haze a run for his money.  Surprised Haze even caught up seeing how Spacker busted out of the gates.
  • Finished up with 4.14mi, but somehow Chelms ended up a bit short mumbling something about getting lost between houses.  You can owe us 0.29mi next time.
  • Heard a mention of moving to summer hours, extending workout to full hour;  will consider as we approach #FastTwich 1 year anniversary
  • Nice job today… thank you all for coming out!



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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Possibly the fastest back-blast ever posted. Did you draft it last night and fill in a few blanks this am.

TL – I think you bought that watch from Dredd (Dredd counts are alwasy higher – for some unknown reason). Interesting how you called out 4 miles in COP and now it has turned into 4.14. I bet it would have been 4.5 if you had waited to post the backblast later in the day #shorttermemoryonly.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Honestly, my goal was to mail it in this morning. But then came catch me if you can, with Spackler starting out the run on the little decline heading down Strawberry. I spent most of Saturday behind him at DayZero, his long legs stretching out on the downhill. I had to work extra hard to just catch him on the very first leg…tough being 5’8″ (no comment Radar). So much for mailing it in.

Chelms, depending on how you look at it, he’s either sneaky or WD wise…jumping over privacy fences to cut through yards and getting the jump on relays when his partner is still 20 yards from tagging his hand.

I like how Frasier says at the start “No, I’m going slow today”…then almost laps the field on the burpee ladder. Sad thing for me, maybe he was going slow.

Nice Q TL. I like the fact that I had to push a different pace to catch my partner (especially since Spack seemed to speed up as I got closer), faster than I would typically run that distance…definitely some good training. Also, I’m in for the summer hours, especially as we get ready for all the races coming up.

10 years ago

That was painful. Couldn’t catch Swiss Miss on one of those hills…or was it on a couple of them. Chelms did look strong on the sprint burpee ladder…no shortcuts there.
Frasier dusted me on the sprint relays – #dailyhumbling
Nice Q TL – that was a great workout.
TL – it was also a privilege to pray for your mom, and for Chelms’ brother Bill. Encourage the pax to do likewise. “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

10 years ago

First off, prayers to continue for TL’s Mom and Chelms’ brother. Chelms, cancer holds a firm grip in my family tree. It is a nasty selfish disease and I hope God performs the miracle for your brother.

Man, I came out the gate hot and hit a brick wall quick. Surely had nothing to do with the burpee ladder. Must have been the detox yesterday I guess. I told PH afterwards that we didn’t have it all there today but still felt we pressed through pretty decently to barely finish….second to last. Rubbish. And PH is a thief. I told him it felt like he was speeding up as I was approaching. Well actually, with that mindset I had going, maybe I did speed up a notch on approach.

Can’t believe I failed to get that chicks # after Mary. I threw everything I had at her

Purple Haze
Reply to  Spackler
10 years ago

Spack, all my material is stolen. #NoOriginalContent

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

PH – The way you trick me into making the PAX work extra hard is original.

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