Skunkworks – KBs, Burpees and Cold

Skunkworks – KBs, Burpees and Cold

20 men welcomed an 11 degree wind chill for a brisk morning workout with kettlebells and burpees. As Bananas pointed out, you really wanted it to be out there this am. So, we got warm in a hurry.

–          SSH
–          Imperial walkers
–          2 handed curls w/ KB
–          Romanian dead lift KB

Ladder Up to Warm Up
–          20 burpees, plank
–          30 two handed rows, 20 burpees, plank
–          40 two handed swings, 30 two handed rows, 20 burpees, plank
–          30 two handed rows, 20 burpees, plank
–          20 burpees, plank

Get to Mary Early
–          Flutter w/ KB Presses
–          Freddy mercury w/ KB skull crushers
–          Russian twists w/ KB

Hill Work
–          Lunge walk / rack ‘em to parking lot
–          Partner up, KB size does not matter
–          Jacob’s ladder to 5x burpees, alternate hill runs w/ KB squats at bottom while partner runs
–          Partner run lap around road/entrance while other partner starts the lawnmower w/ KB
–          Jacob’s ladder to 5x burpees, alternate hill runs w/ two handed swings, bear crawl hill instead of running on even #s for the ladder
–          Run in back to flag

Good work this morning. Despite the cold, we got after it with a healthy dose of burpees and KBs. As someone mentioned – yes, it did look better on paper. But that’s the point of #skunkworks. Go as hard as you can. Thankful to lead this morning.


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High Tide
10 years ago

Strong work, guys! The Ladder Warm-up w/ 20 burpees each round gives me pause about my decision to visit the Fern this morning. (Not)
What is a Freddie Mercury w/ KB skull crusher? I can’t even visualize that.
Anyway, good work and variety out there.

10 years ago

Harley with another premeditated #throatchop. Also strong work by Spandex, unwilling to leave any burpees on the hill. Coffee is for closers.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

Thanks for hanging while I finish them out-appreciated it!

10 years ago

When you knock down 130 burpees before 6:15AM the rest of the day is just uphill from there. Shoulders were smoked early. I don’t think I could smoothly do a Freddy mercury skull crusher without a bell in my hand. Add the bell and it must have looked like someone tasered me.

10 years ago

Never felt more uncoordinated than trying to do the Freddie Mercury with skull crusher while trying to count out loud. Good job to my partner Hops who hit the hill bells and hills hard. TR had a sneaky look and weight check on his KB though thinking that he couldn’t be sporting serious weight and running that hard. Those camo pants were flying…

Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

Good work yourself Bulldog. Camos are key…so is the lightweight KB.
The upright rows were brutal…so was watching Alf get tasered.

The Hoff
10 years ago

100 Burpees as Warm-Up within the ladder??? Hard core Harley!!! I may steal that warm up :). Nice.

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