11 men gathered in the parking lot of South Charlotte Middle School awaiting the 0515 start of #F3FastTwitch. Soul Glow came screeching in and jumped out of his car just as we took off, giving us an even dozen to accomplish the work that lay ahead.  Here’s where we went and what we did this morning:

The Thang

0515 Exact Launch. No COP…so no SSHs, no IWs, nothing…just a warmup run from the school down Woodfox Drive, left onto Rounding Run Road then left onto Rising Meadow Road. We stopped at the bottom of the hill on Rising Meadow where instructions were given.

  • Jacob’s Ladder up the hill from light post to light post…7 times up with increasing number of burpees (1-7) at the top. Plank-o-rama when finished.

From Rising Meadow, we took a left back onto Rounding Run, stopping at Raintree Lane to gather the Pax.  We went left onto Raintree Lane and then turned right onto Smokerise Hill Drive. We stopped at the bottom of the Smokerise Hill.

  • Jacob’s Ladder #2 up the hill from light post to light post…7 times up with increasing number of jump squats (1-7) at the top. Plank-o-rama when finished.

After that, we did a recovery run back out and turned right onto Raintree Lane. We took our next right onto Willow Point Drive, stopping at the first street sign.  Willow Point is flat.

  • AYG sprints, stopping at each street sign for 15 merkins.  There were 3 street signs. Plank-o-rama (with some Mission Impossible) at the dead end.

This left us right behind the Arbo Walmart.  We moseyed through the concrete barriers that prevent car access and lined up single file for a 1 mile Indian run along 51 back to base.  Nice pace set by the group with AYG sprints from the back to the front. Break form at Strawberry Lane for the run back into the parking lot. 0600 Exact End.


YHC had a lot planned for this morning and was a little concerned about timing.  But a strong group of men pushed it hard and we packed it all into our 45 minutes.  Two goals: 1) interval training to vary our heart rates. Check; 2) >4 miles…we did 4.2. Check.

Our first stop was Rising Meadow.  Yep, that pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Our next stop was Smokerise Hill.  Also, appropriately named and aptly descriptive.  Some confusion after this morning though…is it Smoke-rise? or Smoker-ise?  Some extra motivation on the hill work on Smokerise…Cujo!  Well maybe not Cujo…but a pretty big, fluffy white dog did bark at us while pacing through his yard the whole time.

After we regained our focus and avoided ordering sausage McGriddles in the drive thru, the Indian run on the winding sidewalk along 51 was well executed.  Everyone pushed themselves hard on the sprints to the front.

It was like getting the band back together this morning, with Mall Cop, Wolfman, Strange Brew and Baracus rejoining our ranks.  Missing was one Hops, who HC’d to #F3FastTwitch in the comments to last week’s BB…seemingly our skills are lacking, as he chose #F3SIB instead.  Also missing, Chelms and Leroy…apparently they just show up whenever they want to.

T-claps to Gummy for his post-KB work.  Saw the clipboard tomatoes checking him out as he did his swings.


Enough hemming and hawing, just contact Baracus ASAP…be an A51 VIP & HC to BRR.

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10 years ago

Guilty as charged brother. I did HC for FastTwitch last week. As it turns out, perhaps poetic justice was served. My reasons for posting at SIB were two-fold: 1) support our Area51 brother and fellow #TheYardstick pax – Bratwurst (other than Strange Brew and occasional cameo’s a la mine this a.m.; he doesn’t get too many A51 pax) and 2) announce a new ThirdF group – “Threshold” starting Wednesday, April 2nd at Noon in SouthPark; trying to hit some Metro AO’s to announce this group that’s kind of a tweener geographically between A51 and Metro – but will hopefully pull from both like The Yardstick.
The poetic justice: I think I may be on the DL for the first time in my F3-infused life. I did something bad to my IT band or something. I can barely walk and barely made it up/down the stairs this morning. Open to any/all suggestions from the real runners in the pax….wish I’d have mixed some burpees and jump-squats in with the running at FastTwitch this morning….

10 years ago

Great work this morning, PH. Loved the workout, and like Baracus, feeling really good right now. Ready for more!

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great Q this morning Haze! I was really dreading posting this morning as I’ve just started running again outside of our normal bootcamps, but this was just what I needed. I had almost forgotten how much I’d started enjoying running last year training for the BRR. Thanks to Wolfman for agreeing to push eachother back to getting in our serious cardio. If it weren’t for him I would have been swinging iron at Skunk. And thanks to Frazier for hanging back with us from time to time on our recovery runs to the next interval hill!

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

WD’s get to show up when they want – just sayin.

I did the sad clown workout next to a fern at lunch – would much rather be with you guys getting pushed early. Restless sleep did me in but that’s just a lame excuse and not a real reason. Leroy was probably working on some early morning project – strange noises coming from his house.

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