Multiple Personalities Collide Into A Tree

Multiple Personalities Collide Into A Tree

A tale of two cities…a collision of multiple personality disorder was on the agenda today at Olympus as Intense Cardio Kettle Bell Iron Work and a Tree all merged into one hellacious beast of a workout.

The Thang:


SSH x 25

Arm Rotations Forward/Backward x 20

COP: 10 Rounds Non-Stop

1) Burpee x 1; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 2; Kettle Bell Swing x 3

2) Burpee x 2; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 4; Kettle Bell Swing x 6

3) Burpee x 3; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 6; Kettle Bell Swing x 9

4) Burpee x 4; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 8; Kettle Bell Swing x 12

5) Burpee x 5; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 10; Kettle Bell Swing x 15

6) Burpee x 6; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 12; Kettle Bell Swing x 18

7) Burpee x 7; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 14; Kettle Bell Swing x 21

8) Burpee x 8; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 16; Kettle Bell Swing x 24

9) Burpee x 9; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 18; Kettle Bell Swing x 27

10) Burpee x 10; Kettle Bell Squat Thrust x 20; Kettle Bell Swing x 30

Total: Burpees x 55; Kettle Bell Squat Thrusts x 110; Kettle Bell Swing x 165


Jog to Woods, Find Big Tree – Extract Tree from woods (Sorry BLC about the thorns)

Ruck with Log

Log Press x 10

Log Hold x 10

Ruck with Log

Log Press x 10

Log Hold x 5

Dump Log in Woods

Tabata Iron Work: 3 Minutes non-stop; 1 minute off between cycles

Round 1:

3 KB Single Arm Snatch Press Right. 3 KB Single Arm Snatch Press Left

6 KB High Pulls Right, 6 KB High Pulls Left

9 Merkins – FULL Merkins

*Rinse and Repeat for 3 minutes

Round 2:

3 KB Single Stiff Legged Dead Lift Right, 3 KB Single Stiff Legged Dead Lift Left

6 Plank Ups

9 Wide Merkins

*Rinse and Repeat for 3 minutes

Round 3:

3 Diamond Merkins

6 Tricep Extensions

9 Bicep Curls

*Rinse and Repeat for 3 minutes

Teams of 3: Kettle Bell Russian Twists x 20 Left; x 20 Right

High Flutter Kicks with KB Press x 20

LBC with KB x 30



We threw a curveball at you guys today with the Log.  Yankee put it bluntly, “You aren’t going to sell us on GORUCK man”, so hear you loud and clear brother.  YHC wanted to give the team a break from the norm and crack the door a little bit to a taste of Special Forces Green Beret Selection Training.  As F3 was co-founded by an former Army Ranger our core principles and training philosophy at F3 mirrors those boot camp and routines those brave men and women go through every day.  One of those excruciating staples is the team log carry.  You men embraced the beast we found in the woods and owned it!  It’s an excellent team building exercise and extremely difficult to move, but everyone stepped up and supported each other when needed. YHC for one Loves the log and will likely take it home and use it as a teddy, lol.

A few Take-Aways from today:

– Swiss Miss is a total animal.  I think that guys was 1 or 2 rounds ahead of everyone during the 10 Rounds and Tabata.  Either get him a bigger bell or we all need to step up #cardiomachine…I’d like to see a cardio competition between him and Lab Rat.  not sure which one would win out but both of you continue to raise the bar

– We can finally put to rest the “Cardio Debate” as even though no running involved, our O2 capacity was a full peak the entire time

– Gullah is a silent assassin with these routines.  That first 30 minutes was tough

– BLC was a bloody mess (not said with an accent like our brothers from across the pond, Bull Dog or Double D’s) but just like a true warrior, wasn’t going to let the front of that Tree fall on his team. #madrespect

– Yankee, Hacker and Bananas will never do GORUCK but drinking beer and taunting us is right up their alley.  We can’t wait to have your Mumble Chatter out there!

-Olympus might need to hire Nibbler and Flo Rida over from Diamond Head for a Saturday so we can learn the art of mumble chatter…it might be slightly possible that we have less chatter because we cant breathe most of the routine…which means DH’s guys are in much better shape or our routines are tougher….maybe Byron and I can come up with some kind of friendly Challenge in the near future…#staytuned…Kettle Bell Site Civil War?

As always it was a pleasure leading such strong men today.  Thank you

Respectfully – The Hoff and Gullah




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10 years ago

That tree was large sons. Hoff was so happy with himself and the pax were as willing as ever for a CSAUP activity. Good times though. Still can’t believe a bench with about 3 hundos in plates hasn’t showed up at Olympus yet…I’m sure it’s only due to sonata cargo capacity. Good work men.

10 years ago

Overheard at Casa de Byron…

“No…really, honey…the hickies on my shoulders are from this large log I carried with 8 other guys this morning.”

Thanks Hoff.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Well orchestrated beat down guys! Thanks guys for running me through the briars with the log coming out of the woods. 8 guys with a 400lb log on the move wait for nothing. Happy to clear those braids out for my team.#iamlast

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