I worked on this workout all night!

I worked on this workout all night!

37 Pax rolled out on a mild Presidents Day morning to put a donwpainment on the day!  A good mix of Metro and Area 51 and young and old and one dude wearing pajamas….

Tha Thang:

Run to the church on the corner(the one next to CCDS).

COP:  SSH, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Stormtrooper(pulled a quad), Merkins, Squats, other things.  Lots of harrassment….

Partner up(did not go smoothly).  Partner one ran the loop of the parking lot while Partner two completed a excercise, then switch x4 (Flutter, Merkins, LBC, Squats)

Line up on imaginary line for shuffles(high and low).  Sprint back down.  Backward run to the other end.  Sprint back.

Run over to the seminary.

COP (Mary):  LBC, High Slow Flutter, Flutter, Rosilita, Russian Twist, Knee Up

Partner up:  x3 Decline Merkins, Real Situps

Run around campus.  Walking lunges and Bear Crawl

Parking lot Suicide

Run back to park with a stop at Town and Country for some Plank-o-rama.



35-37 Guys came out on a holiday morning for a little beat down.  Lots of running but as I write this I am some soreness in the abs so we must have done something.

Lots of chatter from the gallery.  I am glad I could be the butt of many call outs.  This was a very diverse group and very F3.  Half and Half Area 51 and Metro.  Age ranges from early twenties to early sixties.  Fathers and sons!   Great 2nd F and I hope decent 1st F.

Thanks to Agony who loaned me his phone when mine decided it was too cold to perform.

Hops showed up at the COT but never heard him even once in the prior 45 minutes.  He swears he was there for the whole time but……   Thanks for a great shout out!

One of my favorite things to do after a workout that rarely happens is the go home, shower and go back to bed.  Did that today and it was awesome!  Go Presidents Day!

If you have not made it out to a workout at Carmel come soon.  Great campus!

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10 years ago

I was there from the get-go CR…as far as you know. You forgot Hammer in the pax list as he left before COT…just as I was arriving. He was not, however, the dude wearing flannel jammies….mercy. Also may have left another off the list..perhaps whoever died in the seminary lot after bearcrawls….again-mercy.
FOD and Meat Sauce can vouch for my full-length post (partnered w them)…or maybe they can’t.
Great Q CR. That was fun. With the big Metro/Area51 crowd – felt like a convergence of sorts.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

May not make the top ten list of hard work outs but definitely was entertaining. I especially liked the willy moves by the Q to get a head start on a few sprints. Will use those in the future. Thanks for leading.

10 years ago

He collapsed to CR for delivering on as promised #entertaining beat down.

Need to add some items to the moleskin however:

Still sore from the eight count knee ups

Agree with Hops regarding the #gasser-scramble in the RTS parking lot. Hope whoever that was was able to make it to the #PortaJohn

During my 6 Hour Dr, I #Wikipedia the pants: urban digital commandos are special forces Navy. I’m cool with that.

Plus you forgot Swipers announcement: any older man who like to spend time with younger men should contact him.

10 years ago

Apologize for typos in the previous reply. #Hands-free #Siri. Sound it out it should get you there.

10 years ago

Delivered on entertainment for sure, and you took the mumble chatter in stride, some of which was deserved (partner up with the person on your right).

Glad Swiper clarified about the background checks for the older men. Wouldn’t want things to get out of hand

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