Right Turns Only in RainTree

Right Turns Only in RainTree

Nine of South Charlottes Finest entered the friendly confines of South Charlotte Middle School ready to hit the ground running. It was obvious the pax wanted to get moving as the winds began to whip so we launched right at 5:15 grabbing 2 of the Pax from their Cars on the way out. YHC led the pax through a tempo warm up lap to unveil the 1.75 Mile course through Raintree which was to be our track for the morning. The plan was to do called exercises at each Right Turn during the warm up Lap so if we got separated during the interval work all would know the route. That would not become an issue as all of the pax worked hard to stay within earshot of the leaders. Warm up lap consisted of 10 merkins, 20 squats, 25xSSH IC, 15 merkins, IWx25 – Warm up Done.
The 2 laps of Intervals would begin with the long stretch along 51 to Raintree – Work was to be done at 5K Race Pace – Recovery Jog from Turn to turn – Repeat for 2 Laps. Brief Plankarama to regroup following second interval and then dash to the parking lot for 2 minutes of Mary – LBC x25 The Flutter x25
All in Mileage 5.12 miles

Namarma and COT Followed the Workout (taken out by Chelms) – Lifting up your brother in our Prayers

Very Strong group of Runners out there this morning. With 3 site FNGs (Hannibal, Gummy and Swiss Miss) the pax was pushing it during the 5K pace interval work. Keep coming out guys. Not a ton of mumblechatter out there that I could hear – again the wind was whipping and at 5k Race Pace YHC was trying to keep the breathing regulated. If i missed any backblast gold – please post below in the comments. Turkey Leg, Frasier and 49er were bringing the heat during the intervals with the rest of the Pax pushing the pace to keep them close. Solid effort by all – we’ll revisit this course, possibly running it the other direction Nascar style.
As Always – an honor and a pleasure to lead the men of F3.

Announcements –
Sign ups for BRR are ongoing – contact Baracas if interested
See Weekly email regaring Mud Run Time Trials 2/15 at Outland site

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10 years ago

If you ever feel like your running is coming along nicely, the guys of Fast Twitch will teach you humility. I felt good on the first loop, then, wait, did Fletch say that really fast lap was a warmup and we’d do two more laps? Thanks to Chelms and Hannibal for pushing and dragging me through the last lap.

10 years ago

After almost 3 months of part-time fartsacking (we all need a little break every now and then) Fletch’s beat down at Fast Twitch reminded me what consistently posting at F3 workouts will do for you. I’ve got some rebuilding to do! I was hurtin big time on the last lap. Nice job Fletch!

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  49er
10 years ago

Got that right – I need to step up my distance training after letting up after ThunderRoad. Last place sucked even if I was the WD. Gummy didn’t get dragged, he passed me on the home stretch.

10 years ago

Looked like a smoker Fletch! Look forward to next week at Fast Twitch. Who’s taking us through the paces next Tuesday?

Great to see 49’er’s back in the gloom!

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Looks like I missed a good one Fletch…but alas I got tired of being WD so I took my game to SkunkWorks this week. But I am lover not a fighter so SW will not be on the regular agenda. Back to FastTwitch next week…Chelms, you and Leroy better show up…#NoWD!

Hops…I believe it’s TL on Q next week. Will it be a return of the awful #CowboyRun?

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

Make sure you get the check in the mail and it will clear if you want a guarantee as to my attendance.

Purple Haze
Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Putting a stamp on the envelope now Chelms.

And where was Leroy? When is he going to debut those running tights he said he bought?

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