Running Workouts and Peeping Turtles

Running Workouts and Peeping Turtles

6 men threw caution to the wind and posted for #F3FastTwitch.  This is what we did to work hard this morning.

The Thang

Baby jog around 1/2 of the parking lot with some high knees and butt kicks. Stop in front of the school by the pine-scented mulch pile for COP:

  • SSHs – 20 IC
  • IWs – 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

Run from the school down Woodfox to Rounding Run, stopping at Rising Meadow.  Line up at the lower street lamp for some ~50 yard hill sprint intervals.

  • 2 hill sprints at 50%-60% effort. Mosey back down for recovery.
  • 6 hill sprints at AYG effort. Walk back down for recovery.
  • 2 hill sprints at 50%-60% effort. Mosey back down for recovery.

Run from Rising Meadow on Rounding Run up to Raintree Lane. Stop at the intersection for Merkins – 15 IC.

Run from there up to light at 51.  Stop at the intersection for Incline Merkins on the curb – 10 IC.

Run from Raintree Lane up 51, stopping at Serendipity for some plank work…LAH, LLH, RAH, RLH.

Run from Serendipity along 51 to a hill on the left just before reaching Strawberry Lane.  Line up at the bottom for Jacob’s Ladder…7 times up the hill with an increasing number of burpees at the top each time.

After the Jacob’s Ladder, run it back to base and circle up for Mary:

  • LBCs – 20 IC
  • Reverse Crunches – 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury – 20 IC (5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow, 5 fast)
  • Flutter Kicks – 20 IC
  • Elbow Plank – 1 minute



O2 deprivation was promised…and delivered, especially to the Q.  YHC was bent over and breathing heavy at each stop.  That’s what happens when you are War Daddy and chasing the likes of the crazy fast guys that posted this morning.  That’s 2 out of 3 weeks YHC has been War Daddy at #F3FastTwitch. YHC doesn’t like that…so Chelms and Leroy, get your butts back out there.

The hill sprint intervals on Rising Meadow (it’s named that for a reason) were not fun. The 6 AYG ones were downright awful and the walk down for recovery offered little solace.  YHC was on the far right next to Fletch and Frasier.  Dang, those guys are fast!  Hops, fresh off some 40 yard dash training with his 2.0s, wasn’t too far behind them.

Our runs between stops were mostly at a 5K pace.  Everyone was pushing it hard out there.  And considering our stop for 10 hill sprint intervals, we covered some ground this morning.  Turkey Leg’s super watch logged us at ~3.1 miles.

At our stop at the intersection of Rounding Run and Raintree Lane, during our plank just before busting out the Merkins, Splinter asked the Pax if anyone had toilet paper.  The answer was no but there were plenty of suggestions that he could use his toboggan hat, his gloves, his socks or, depending on the nature of the beast, all three.  There are always lessons to be learned at F3…Today’s: Running workouts and peeping turtles are not a good combination.


Even though Hops is taking one of them as YHC writes this, there are still slots available for GRC.

Sign up for BRR. It’s an awesome CSAUP event.

Be on the lookout for announcements regarding two new LUNCHTIME 3rdFs…one in SouthPark and one in Ballantyne. Go…you won’t regret it…promise.

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10 years ago

What is GRC?

Splinter does work with Semi-Gloss who seemingly has nature call before or during every workout? Coincidence? Careful with the water at work fellas. Maybe that’s why Semi-Gloss’ yellow Garlock lid disappeared?

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

PH – Your check bounced and thus I decided not to show up to take the WD title.

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