Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill

16 Pax gathered in the feels like 1 degree gloom at #F3Centurion in anticipation of YHC’s discovery. To YHC’s knowledge, none of them left disappointed and none of them, save the bare-legged Leroy, were cold during the workout.  Here’s a look at what we did:

The Thang

Run to the normal COP spot for COP:

  • SSHs – 20 IC
  • IWs – 20 IC
  • Slow Squats – 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
  • Peter Parkers – 20 IC

Off to conquer new territory…

  • First, stop in the Chipotle parking lot (not to be confused with F3Chipotle’s driveway) for 30 Merkins OYO.
  • Shoot across 51 onto Carmel Commons Blvd. Stop under one of the street lights for 30 more Merkins OYO.

A little more running until we come upon YHC’s discovery…a big ole hill behind the shopping center.  Line up at the bottom for good fun…

  • Jacob’s Ladder…7 times up the hill with an increasing number of burpees each time up.  YHC wrinkle…Lunge Walk down.
  • Plank: RAH, RLH, LAH, LLH
  • Bear Crawl up, Lunge Walk down
  • Plank: RAO, RLU, LAO, LLU
  • AYG up, Bear Crawl down
  • Mission Impossible Peter Parkers – 10 IC

Run back to the Chipotle parking lot. Stop for Merkins – 15 IC

Run to the CCHS student parking lot and circle up:

  • Squats – 20 IC
  • Lunges – 10 each leg, OYO

Line up on the island. Sprint to next island and back x2. Circle back up:

  • DWTS (a/k/a 4-point toe touches) – 1 minute each leg

Line up on the island. Sprint to next island and back x2. Circle back up and on your six:

  • Butt raises – 20 IC
  • Flutter kicks – 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury – 20 IC (5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow, 5 fast)
  • LBCs – 20 IC
  • Dollies – 20 IC

Line up on the island. Sprint to next island and back x2. Mosey back to base.



Per Escargot and Wikipedia, the Palatine Hill is the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. It stands 40 meters above the Forum Romanum, looking down upon it on one side, and upon the Circus Maximus on the other.  Rome has its origins on the Palatine.  Thus, in keeping with the theme of #F3Centurion, the hill discovered behind the shopping center has been named Palatine Hill.  However, instead of the Forum Romanum and the Circus Maximus, this hill overlooks the backside of Fresh Market and the dumpsters of Cabos Mexican restaurant. #Majestic

YHC went in search of a hill to use at #F3Centurion.  With the help of Google maps and a reconnaissance mission, YHC found one more than suitable for delivering beatdowns.  It was a beast for the Jacob’s Ladder and the Lunge Walk down was rather unsavory.

To return many favors of mid-workout consulting, Chelms said something about bear crawls…so, even though they were not in YHC’s plan, we did them.  The Pax can thank him for that.  The Mission Impossible Peter Parkets were in the plan…Chelms called BS on them though.

As usual, the DWTS were made fun of until we got about 20 seconds into them.  That’s when the burn in the quads takes on catastrophic levels and you start wondering when the minute will end.

A few shout outs:

  • Several Larry Birds on the Jacob’s Ladder. (NOTE: They were the ones on the shorter, lower grade side of the Palatine)
  • Leroy was bare-legged in the feels like 1 degree gloom…apparently not out of toughness but based on the fact that the only pants he owns are blue jeans.  Chelms offered him his long johns…wise move not to take him up on that offer Leroy.  Once an article has been home to someone else’s boys, you don’t borrow it. #BroCode
  • Strong showing by Uncle Buck in only his second workout.  He really is Mr. Cool.
  • Hoffa, sporting the Klimpsun hat, channeled his inner Sammy Watkins for the sprints. Fast brother! (#5Peat)
  • After Mary, Cadillac commented about how he left a sweat mark on the parking lot…working its way “through all 4 layers”. Strong work brother!
  • Was that Scabby that ran into the workout this morning? #Dang


  • Contact Baracus and HC to BRR. It’ll change your life.
  • #F3TheStand meets after every #F3Centurion at the Panera. Join for some solid 3rdF (and 2ndF).


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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Palentine Hlll was a great find but I think anything other then a slow trot back down should only be performed after reading the #disclaimer (see web site).

I’m going to stop by Goodwill on the way home and see if I can find Leroy some decent workout pants. Too darn cold to go in shorts this am (again, read the #disclaimer). Clorox will take care of any previous owner issues.

I called BS because I wasn’t sure everyone read the #disclaimer before the workout. The peter parker mission impossible is ripe for a face plant. I’ll bring extra copies next time PH has the Q.

10 years ago

Didn’t notice Hoffa’s Clemson lid (Clemson….where the N stands for Nowledge), but I did notice the asphalt smoking from his boots on the sprints – impressive brother.
T-claps also to Madame T who has been a regular since his FNG post last week at Centurion. Good to have you as part of the pax brother.
Palatine Hill – we will see you again soon I’m sure. Backwards uphill bear crawls, partner wheelbarrows, etc., etc. #painfulpossibilities
And keep posting Uncle Buck – it gets easier, but hopefully never easy. Best comment of the morning was from Uncle Buck saying of his Mr. Cool shirt – “It oughta say Mr. Fool” for doing this craziness called F3.
T-claps to Purple Haze for his normal calculated, calm & painful Q. #coldbloodedQ

Madame Tussauds
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Thanks Hops. I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and look forward to many more. Purple Haze, excellent workout. Palantine Hill was a great find and I can’t wait for many more climbs. See you in the Gloom. #bringit

10 years ago

Months of IR, overeating, and beer do not mix with the Palatine Hill, Jacobs Ladder, and Purple Haze. I felt like I was carrying a small child with me up that hill. I will admit to slow mosey in place of lunge walk down. For the record, I never got warmed up. I do not think I had any sweat. Not to say the workout was not hard of course. #beatdownbadly I was still cold at lunch. That is why I no longer live in Ohio. Great to be back at it brothers, I have missed the happiness that is jumping out of a warm bed into the cold just in time to receive my downpainment. Aye!

Reply to  Escargot
10 years ago

Maybe you were carrying Purple Haze or Cane or Udder up Palatine Hill? You need a Buzz City lid and ski mask like Chelms to ward off the cold brother….or a workout beret like Udder.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

I have three Buzz City lids for sale – $19.99, two for $25, or have all three for free. Get em while they last.

10 years ago

T-claps to Haze for a solid Q as always; pleasure to follow you into the gloom brother. Palatine Hill is welcome addition to Centurion. Solid recon.

10 years ago

Palatine sounds like a fiber additive.

10 years ago

Heading to Dick’s to pick up some running tights today. Looks like mornings under 20 will be commonplace this winter. It was cold Friday and again this morning, but not cold enough to slip on someone else’s long johns.

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