One year and counting

One year and counting

The temperatures were nipply, the tires smelly, the plates rough, and the rocks jagged but 31 fine men came out to celebrate the one year of the first Area 51 Friday workout.


SSH x 20
10 burpees OYO
MC’s x 20
Rock hoppers x 20
Squat jacks x 20
Merkins x 15
Dry docks x 20

Split into 4 groups and gather gear to move down to lower lot:
Group 1 – plates (curb and back x 2)
Group 2 – hills (increasing burpees and then jump squats at bottom and sprint up)
Group 3 – tires (inverse grip merkins, dry docks, stagger merkins, tri dips)
Group 4 – rocks (rock press, curl rock press, squat/curl/press, lunges)

Plank exercises.

In groups the goal was to perform required exercise until the plates group had pushed them to curb and back twice.
Repeato x 4 with different exercises each time.

Gather gear and head back to lot.

4 mins of Mary.



Great turnout today with 13 lads coming for the pre-KB mixmaster special followed by another 18 fartsackers for the Kevlar one year anniversary beatdown. Crazy to think that just one year ago we had no Friday workouts in Area 51 and now 31 show up in 12 degree temperatures. YHC tried to give the pax a taste of Kevlar over the past year with the tires/plates/rocks/hills combo although it nearly went pear shaped off the bat. The O2 deprivation from the KB pre-workout, and then the over zealous warm up due to “Eye of the Tiger” still lingering in the cold air meant that the pax were sent off in disarray with no real instruction from YHC. The plates were locked in TR’s car, the tires were probably still chained, and guys were pulling out some pitiful looking rocks from the creek, and Radar started whining. Order, however, was restored quickly but YHC got a taste of what Deadwood must have felt during the bear crawl weave. YHC missed a lot of the banter today due to the extra ear coverings but sound off below on anything missed.

On a serious note I really appreciate you guys coming out. As I mentioned in the closing prayer, F3 has really meant a lot to me over the past year or more. Dredd (one of the founders of F3) calls the average man a sad clown who looks happy on the outside but is yet a shell internally. That was me on a number of levels a year and a half ago. I’d go to the gym once in a while, had a few distant buddies, a luke warm faith, and a marriage that was in trouble. On the outside all looked fine but inwardly I was needing more. F3 became the catalyst of change for me on all three levels – fitness, fellowship, and faith. As hard as it can be to wake up at 0430 on a weekday I have seen my life improve so much as a result. Morning workouts, Go Ruck Challenge, F3 Dads, nights out at HDHH, back blast banter, and discussions about faith over a chicken biscuit at Compass are what it’s all about. Keep head locking guys you know that need this because as Proverbs 27:17 states “as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” We have such a tendency as guys to slip into complacency and mediocrity unless we are challenging one another on many levels whether it be with our wives, our families, our faith, health, careers etc. I have been sharpened by many of you, and will continue to need it, so thank you.

Have a great weekend and sign up for the Go Ruck otherwise Dora will come and knock on your door at 0415!


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10 years ago

Thanks for leading today.

Sorry I kept looking at my phone. I had this website up.

– Jason

Hair Band
10 years ago

Great Q & great back blast knowing how F3 has impacted your life, appreciate you sharing.

Anybody seen Deadwood? Seems like it has been a while since he has been around.

10 years ago

Nice work today Bulldog. I could have swore you were going to audible for a bear crawl with your tire on the hill. Thank you for not doing so.

Great backblast. Couldn’t agree more with your words above. Thank you for your leadership but more importantly, for your friendship. Oh and one can’t forget your mental fortitude for being the last soldier left in the Booze Detox Challange of 40 days. Me on the other hand….fail.

10 years ago

Great work out there today Bulldog. You know you are doing something right when the PAX count is double the temperature. And you definitely came out strong at 0530, with your pacing “set on 11.”

10 years ago

BTW, I’ve noticed that your British accent has softened a bit over the past year. I’m picking up about 80% of what you say now! By next year you will sound like a native Charlottean.

Reply to  Joker
10 years ago

I thought folks from Charlotte were called Charlatans. Duh!

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

BD you’ve set the stage at Kevlar that it is not going to be your everyday boot camp workout.
Nice job pulling it back on the rails today. I mean who leads a KB workout (sorry to miss) then try to do a cocaine inspired, Richard Simmons warm-up, followed by lengthy instructions of equipment, rocks and a locked car…andyou still delivered!
Great comments about F3, I know it’s affected all of us. I would have never worked out this hard at 0 or 100 degrees!
Also, I am happy you clearly type all of your BB’s, it’s one of the few times I understand you. I could listen to you try announce “the Fluatta” (flutter) all day!

10 years ago

BD – as always a great lead and great example of the value of all 3 F’s. I am honored to be a part of a great group of men.

As for the workout. I never figured I would think: Hey – Lifting a rock, from a drainage ditch, over my head, many times, when it’s 15 degrees, 10 mph winds, at 5:30am on a Friday, is way better than the other 3 alternatives.

Because of the great fellowship, I am actually excited wake up an do these things that for all other reasons seems completely ridiculous.

10 years ago

Bulldog: It sounds epic! I wish that I was there. Your comments above are candid and promising. Perhaps I need to follow your footsteps throughout all 3 Fs.

Be well.

— Matlock

10 years ago

Great time today. 10 lb two handed hairburners are so easy. That’s why I didn’t do them but once. Too easy…

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