You Need Fellowship

You Need Fellowship

The shovel flag was planted and 16 men, including 1 FNG, launched into the chilly gloom for YHC’s one-year F3 anniversary Q.  There were no plans for a pre-workout speech so we just got right to it.

The Thang

Run from the parking lot around the McAlpine track and settle in on the far side of the proving grounds for COP:

  • SSHs – 25 IC
  • Push-o-rama Superset – 5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Narrow Merkins, 5 Regular Merkins, 5 Wide-Arm Merkins, 5 CDDs (All IC)
  • IWs – 25 IC
  • Reverse Push-o-rama Superset – 5 CDDs, 5 Wide-Arm Merkins, 5 Regular Merkins, 5 Narrow Merkins, 5 Diamond Merkins (All IC)
  • Slow Squat – 25 IC
  • Push-o-rama Superset
  • LBCs – 25 IC
  • Reverse Push-o-rama Superset (all form out the window…just get through it)

Run out the back gate over to the Yellow Rose parking lot:

  • Bear crawl across the parking lot
  • Lunge walk back
  • Go for a run around the block
  • Bear crawl across the parking lot
  • Lunge walk back

Run back to the school and grab some wall:

  • People’s chair – regular, right leg up, left leg up, tip-toes, regular
  • Mission Impossible Peter Parkers – 10 IC
  • People’s chair – regular, right leg up, left leg up, tip-toes, regular
  • Mountain Climbers on the Wall – 15 IC

Run down the field and line up on the line. Perform called exercise, sprint 100 yds, perform called exercise, sprint back.  Called exercises:

  • 10 CDDs
  • 20 Knee Tucks
  • 30 Merkins
  • 40 Squats
  • 50 Flutter Kicks (25 IC)

10 minutes left. Circle up.

  • 10×10 – 10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes

Done. COT.


Lots of mumblechatter in the beginning, especially from my co-site Q Radar…complaining about how stationary YHC had the group at the start on this cold morning.  YHC thinks he heard Stagecoach ask if this was a virgin Q.  When you have friends like this…

Seriously though, a good group of guys out this morning, including a F3 FNG (Mad Hatter), two site FNGs (thank Hannibal and Intel for coming over to support YHC) and YHC’s 2.0, Johnny Mac.  Always a pleasure to lead and work out alongside the men of #F3DayZero.  Everyone worked hard, especially at the end during the 10×10, when rest time and O2 were at scarce.

YHC had no plans for a post-workout speech either but as the PAX converged for the BOM, Radar asked YHC if he had anything to say on his 1 year anniversary about how much F3 meant to him.  So YHC proceeded to say a few words about how the men and brotherhood had been a solid rock during the last year, the most difficult year of YHC’s life personally.  When Bird Hole from Metro talked to me about F3, he didn’t say a word about the fitness really…he just kept saying “You need fellowship.”  In other words, you are not alone.  He was right.


Contact Baracus and sign up for the BRR.  You won’t regret it.  The best #CSAUP there is.

All Monday workouts are regular schedule.  Pick one and go.





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10 years ago

Great Q PH. Thankful for you brother. Happy 1 year.

10 years ago

T-claps Haze. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Thankful for you brother. Surprised Radar didn’t get teary-eyed…did he buy you a cup of coffee?

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